Monday, October 18, 2010

Confession Time

A few weeks ago, I redug up Chernobyl with the uni Librarian, who said I had not returned Derek Freeman and I therefore had to pay for it, right? heck no!
So I did a kick fullback protest outcry to the Hague and back arguing the issue...airena koilalo le alo o Tuifiti Fiakanak No Monero. There!

Well, fast forward to this morning.
I was cleaning MM's bookshelf, removing the mouldy cupcake from the corner when I saw a book cover with three words barely visible amidst the dust.
"Samoan Village Community"...hmmm..."The Social Structure of a..."
I thought to meself, "What's that doing between Snow White and Joy Cowley?"
I pulled it out and let out a "quilty" cry of joy...I FOUND DEREK!!!! WOOOHOOOO, I FOUND DEREK!!"
Frenchy asked me what the commotion was and I uttered something to downplay the monumental occasion.
He doesn't know about the lost book, you see.
Nor would he have known that it was his credit card that would pay for the loss.
So, now I am sitting here with my man Derek,... and trying to figure out a way to return him to the Library, AND still be able to walk away with my tuiga intact and my pale fuiono glistening in the morning sunshine.
Fiakanak much?

Most definitely.

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