Thursday, October 14, 2010

Buy this Book:

Now, the rest of New Zealand who want a copy of Lani Wendt's book can go to and order it there.
This, without the hassle of calling your family in Samoa ($25.00), asking someone to buy it from Plantation House (taxi fare $7.00) and giving it to someone ($20) to bring to you ($25) in NZ., and then having your relation, ask you for money for white sunday at the same time ($200).

This is easier: go online, order, pay $51.40 and voila...Bob's yer uncle!

Why should I bother buying this?
This is a MUST OWN for your collection, it will now take centre stage  on the book shelf indefinitely, removing the Mea Kai cook book that you bought with cooking in mind but realised you can't buy manioca, or replicate true island feasts in a cold sterile palagi kitchen. So off yer go to the bottom shelf Oliver.

A Gift that means something
This is THE perfect Christmas gift for someone with everything , (yeah, i say that about every book i talk about here, but i really mean it this time).

Aside from banana chips, keke saiga and the sevens team  Opeloge siblings, this is the best thing that has come out of Samoa in a long long long time. So enjoy it!

She was my cheechar!
Ms Wendt was my teacher at SamCo. And I was in the not so brilliant classes  (academically that is :)....and she taught us (shock horror!). Either she did a really good Oscar winning performance or she actually did give a damn.
You see, being in the lower classes, you are usually subjected to the teachers who can't be arsed teaching.
So their punishment is teaching us!
We used to get teachers who, halfway through explaining something, they'd stop and say "Eh, forget it, you won't get it" (aka Mr T), or a former politician who takes a '19th century /Modern History' class trip to  Falealupo to look at traditional structures....or or, an Economics teacher who slugs his fat belly into the congested room, lights a Rothman and orders someone to 'copy the teixtpook baragraph on the plackpoard'. Or a Math teacher who asks us nicely to NOT sit the external exam lest we drag down the school average. And lest we forget the Art classes about Mesopotamian era taught by a pervert who chats up the girls in the back. 

So...get the gist? Ms Wendt was a rarity, an awesome teacher who came in halfway and made Shakespeare likable (yes- its possible) and did things like class debates and interactive activities that made us think, "wow, this can actually work!"   

so, is that enough reasons for you to get the book?????
If not, good luck.


Lani Wendt Young said...

This is the funniest blog post I have read in forever! You write with amazing wit, insight and creativity...who was your English checher again!?

Thank you -
*for a great read
*for reassuring me that SOMEONE from my past teaching days has good recollections of my attempts to light the English Lit fires
*for the best recommendation of my book that I am now bookmarking and sending to ALL my friends and fam!
Am now going to spend the next hour reading the rest of your blog.

Goddess said...

Gosh, this feels like Year 12 english again, your comments are making me nervous Miss Wendt haha, but thanks!
...i didn't mention the fact that all the boys behaved when you came to class haha! you had a fan base long before Galu afi!
looking forward to the next book!