Friday, October 15, 2010

Breaking News (NOT), Russell Hunter resigns

K, this is a toootally pa ka'e post about the Samoa Observer.
coz I'm a fan like that, pugi laia. hah

One of the articles is about Russell, which part of that is actually news that people give a damn about???

oh! you care? well, i'm sorry, I don't.

But here's my pa ka'e discourse analysis of the article, and the context its presented.

1. Russell's resignation was unexpected by Samoa Observer. And they're not happy. They're even posted the article in a way to remove themselves from former editor.
2. Russell had a fall out with someone or some people. Ua masae le laufa'i somewhere along the way...
3. Russell came in with brilliant ideas and then left deflated, because...well, he had an agenda from the start, he was bitter about his treatment in Fiji and therefore started at SObserver with a vengance.
4. And he made the biggest mistake a palagi would do in the Pacific - he generalised, he made judgements and well, he was just a frustrated writer about the problems of Fiji, which became Pacific problems in his eyes.
5. His dictatorial role in pushing thru his own agenda in PASIMA reminds me of someone...hmmm.
6. The Editor forgot one key thing: change does not happen in a day, a year even, especially in Samoa...its like good wine, it takes time.
8. Samoa Observer need to learn their lesson about hiring has-beens with a cross to bear.
9. Youre not paying attention coz i missed point 7.

On the plus side,

Russell provided a fresh "removed" aproach to issues, very welcome to Samoan news.
He was new enough to not assert his bias into the stories, something Samoan editors are suckers for.
He was a different perspective to what we are used to.
But, he's not a Sano, he was scared of pissing off people and angering subscribers, he treaded waay too lightly and I can tell you now, it makes for uneventful reading.

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