Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Psycho-analysis of Samoa Observer news this morning (: and my uneventful news

Office Crisis at UNDP
Gone are the days of high flying highly paid "experts" parachuting in to 'oversee' and be present at a meeting,...nooo... everyone has to tighten their belts a lil' bit and actually shape up or ship out!
UN workers are not exempt from this.
However, what I found out about this lovely UN lady is a bit interesting to say the least,...just google her name and watch the trends, note much nice things said, ...this could be the work of angry ex exployees (and theres several), however, it seems like e makuai mea stu'a lava le pule saunoa a le aunky...
You be the honorable charges,,hahah
These are results when you google Nileema Noble's name. She has an impressive black belt in firing lol....check this ex employee's story out....and another fired angry panty, from her time in the Phillipines, ...and this blog is worth a read about how to a UN boss picks up a pen from the floor,..oka se tuff o le aunky.
And check this one out ,...even a Human Rights Group have taken their case to Ban Ki Moon...auoi kafefe

Dayum, she's not to be messed up! Attentionnnn!!

Thank the Lord for the HOS decision to withdraw his request for a Commission of Inquiry.
He must be reading Samoa Observer and seeing the unhappy reaction from taxpayers.
Whatever the case, this is a problem between him as a matai samoa and his village.
I don't ask for an enquiry when my village ostracises me and fabricate sudden connections to our matai and land issues.  Doing a CoI goes against EVERYTHING that his revered HOS is all about, something he calls the "manna and essence of the faasamoa".
Tatau a ona fofo lava e le Tuiatua ma Lufilufi a latou faafitauli....
5 more sleeps before Samorah, ...and still, the ifalolopo assessing my application is ..still on leave, now its sick leave, and changing the assessor will require another 2 which case I have now written to the HOD to please come up with another solution or else, or else....I do nothing. lol.
O lea ou te alu e vaai le pule o le aoga i le 2 i le aso, aue Iesu e alofa mai, e kuli gei a'u ma le aoga a le parang. maybe my long anticipated flight to Samorah will not be for data collection but tietie on the teapot back to the this space ....
My familia reading this, Aunty E and Uncle J's house got broken into again in New Lynn. ...this is the third time, and according to the Polizei, most likely the same culprits, ...they're just after the dinero, and you know the golden oldies e airena cash at home, only foreign currency like coins from Hong Kong and Espana. Anyhow, because this is the third time, they are now accepting that they will get an alarm installed tomorrow, and we will go in the weekend to kakuu the forest around the property. Gosh, ova le fiapoks o le koeaiga, fiu e fai aku e fai se alarm ae fiapoks mai lava....isa laia.
Drum roll.........we found a bach in Onemana for the Xmas break,.tah dah!!!..whoohooo, its walking distance from plage, kayaks we can use, bbq, 2 bedrooms for the oldies and us, and perfect...Price is brilliant too,,,considering i only started looking on Tuesday...(fyi non NZers, finding a bach for Xmas this late in the year is like looking for a box of ice cream in Savaii on White Sunday...or finding virgins to compete for Miss Samoa...wheeerr).


LV said...

Haha kakau ga e google polizei. Malo lava and good luck with

Goddess said...

LV, pei e ke ula ea i investigative procedures a le google CSI team a...haha.
o a'u lea ga ou saugi o ke alu e run mai le programme a le UN ae foliga mai e salafa ai o'u foligars e Nileema, lol.
so i was back up my grand plan right now hahah

reesa said...

hey might see you in savaii when you're here!