Tuesday, August 24, 2010

we love our neighbours

3 weeks ago, a random drunk man knocked on our door
looking for his chicken.
say whaa?
his chicken got away while he was putting it in the newly purchased cage.
So I told him i'll look out for his chicken and let him know.
Maeva went outside and came runnning and yellling "theres a chicken in the garden!!!!"
so her and I cornered the chicken and then stoood there like idiots not knowing how to catch the chicken.
(just as a side note, my history of catching chickens involve rocks and a succulent kugu vili vili, so you can sympathise with my dilemna).
Luckily, Frenchy arrived home, grabbed a lavalava and chucked it over the chicken.
We then walked down to our neighbour, and because he was not there, we went to the back of their house and stuck the chicken in the wee cage.
Then the drunk man arrived, and we went to him and said "we found your chicken"
He looked at us completely confused.
Still drunk.
Luckily, the wife come running out to say hello and introduce themselves ~ vice versa.
Anyhow, 10 minutes later of coconut wireless Q & A, i got the loogistics on them, all from a small village outside Suva.
Their son's at uni, mom works as a daycare assistant, dad works when hes not drinking lol..
and then I remembered "oh by the way, I love Fijian curry!!!" (:
At which point they immediately invited us to come in and have some butter chicken, but we declined politely(only becuase we had a homestay Japanese student named Momo:) at home waiting for us).
Anyhow, a week later, I was at home frying unevenful sausages for dinner because our chef Frenchy was in Auckland...when someone knocked on the door.
The drunk dad shows up again, with a massive pot of yummy chicken curry.
which i ate for dinner and lunch for 3 days straight....I was in Suva heaven!
MM and I returned the pot and some fruits and choc- and the mother runs out and gives us a bag of frozen chicken.
I was like OMG,..no way...but she refused to take it back.
I kept insising we dont want it, and even said "You make better use of the chicken than me...(ie why don't you cook us another chicken curry using those pieces?).
Anyhow, we found ourselves, walking home, with a bag of chicken from our Fijian neighbours.
Momo looked at me, looked at Maeva, the frozen chicken pieces between us and shook her head...confused.
Maeva grabbed the bag from me and said helpfully to Momo
"This is the chicken we caught in the garden Momo!"

ah, my 3 year old suprises me every day, and sometimes, the suprises make me ata leo tele.

I now declare that have the best neighbours in the world (aside from the drunk unemployed tangata whenua on our right and the unfriendly Chinese geriatrics next to them)....the rest are 'o' for awesomeness!!!

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