Monday, August 02, 2010

One of my literary heroes has passed away, RIP Fay Alailima

I just saw on SamoaNews that Dr Fay Alailima has passed away at the young age of 88.
This is sad, but also strange because I cannot picture her as an old lady.
I will always remember her as a lovely woman who had the time to talk "to" us young savage children, and it was so wonderful....the adults we grew up with never talked to us! They talked AT us, followed by talking with their jandals.
But Fay was different.
She used to sit us in a circle and engaged in a real conversation with us, encouraging us to use our broken english....but she didn't laugh at our mistakes, she praised us instead!
I mean, who does that in Savaii?
No one lets a bad english sentence past without a hilarous repetition and never ending taunts!
I did blog about her book My Samoan Chief before, se'i su'e le link po'o fea, and how that allowed me to view my our culture through someone elses lenses.....powerful stuff.

Eh, kalofa e i si tina......she should be recognised for her work!
Manuia lau Malaga Fay!!!

You can buy the book for $17.09 if you live in Americana

Click here to buy the book
See what else is available on Amazon by Dr Fay.

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