Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mismatched marriage of convenience

If I was the International Red Cross, I would NOT give a penny to the hastily arranged marriage of convenience between the old Board of Samoa Red Cross and the GA elected Committee or whatever they're been cornered into calling themselves.
The International Red Cross should demand transparency and demand an inquiry into the allegations before giving a penny over to this shoddy ill-fated arrangement.
I know those who need the help most will continue the long long wait for assistance, but think of the long term damage done if these millions are released into a Board of questionable characters.
C'mon members of Red Cross - DEMAND A PUBLIC INQUIRY INTO THE ALLEGATIONS., just another day of apolitical work in political Samoa, sweep the kaepua'as under the mat.

Since the 7 Fundamental Principles have also been flushed unceremoniously, lets remind the International Federation what Samoa's Red Cross have translated it to be in the meantime...

1. Humanity: born of a desire to bring assistance without discrimination: Oops, we've modified that slightly for Samoa when a person with diability is beaten senseless at Red Cross where he sought refuge. Oi and, exercise force and instill fear upon those who demand transparency.

2. Impartiality: It makes no discrimination to political opinions: Scratch that thought mate, lets boost our standing by bussing in voters to make me succeed. Also, its not about conflict of interest, its called rewarding ourselves handsomely for our selfless commitment tot he cause.

3.  Neutrality: In order to continue to enjoy the confidence of all, the Movement may not take sides in hostilities or engage at any time in controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature. OOPS, too late on that one, this is a hostile organisation and if you dare question my credibility, I will attack you on a personal level.

4. Independence: Aw, c'mon Red IFrederation, how about affiliated businesses that should benefit from Red Cross, c'mon - give us a chance! ...we do things diferently here, we like to connect the dots and give credit$ where its due.

5. Voluntary service: What volunteers? oh, argh - Those volunteers - don't feed them! 

6. Unity: What a joke.

7. Universality: sorry, we've tailored the principles of Red Cross to suit our Samowah style, 'a la kuluk kuluk' hand us the moolah and we'll make sure the tsunami victims get sometime out of it...ya know, maybe a can of elegi or a bag of sugar when we pass by to do our sixth needs assessment of the month.
Samoa Red Cross, our motto is "you donate, we get paid so keep that cash flowin' mate(:" 
DISCLAIMER: This blog is NOT affliated with a certain person in the media, nor the parent of the above please, do not surround their houses with the aumaga and shotguns or threaten THEM with the misconception that they are me. No, in fact they disagree totally with my stance. But if you wish to surround their houses, please email me first and I will give you their locations so you can plan ahead. no point surrounding an empty house. lol. 
Goddess of the Humanitarian Galaxies.

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