Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Losing Derek Freeman.

I just got a courtesy email from the library kindly reminding me of this:
Location: Central Lending Desk

Title: Social structure of a Samoan village community / Derek Freeman ; edited and introduced by Peter Hempenstall.
Author: Freeman, Derek.
Item ID: 0001009518125
Call #: GN671 .S2F76 2006
Due Date: 10/08/2010
 Please return the item(s) or have the item(s) renewed.

Dude, I don't have that! I returned it last month!!!!
I called them up adviced that I have most certainly returned ALL the books I borrowed, I do not have Derek in my pocession! Look in your records again. Get out the video and the lie detector. Call the cops. Whatever, I returned it! and for the record, I do have a very clean record of returning all items long before due date.
"Is there a possibility that your high tech machine might have failed to scan the item on its return?"

"Yes, that's a possibility, however we will search the library and get back to you"
Yeah right...like you get out a search team of 20 to sift through the shelves, under tables and every nook and cranny from the basement to level 4 of the large building.

So I'm now waiting to hear from them if they found anything. I am definitely NOT going to pay for this book.
The worse thing ever about this is that when I did sift through it, I was utterly dissapointed and realised it wasn't worth referencing. Is this Derek's way of punishing me for hating on him?

okay, better jet.....(Oka se fia kick fullback a le aunky ae sure lava e maua age ua uma ga vandalise e laga kama le kusi a le palagi ma o lo'o kaakia gei le chapter three i le lapisi la ei le garage?). surely not!


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