Sunday, August 29, 2010

flu, seeking inspiration

Got the flu.
so not very inspired at the moment,.
But, 8 more days till home...and still waiting for the ethics approval - the prof assigned to my case is on LEAVE and the dept didnt even check that my proposal with his recommendations has been sitting in his pigeonhole gathering dust while i'm disqueitly panicking.
so, im resigning myself to the fact i may still not have approval by end of the week- if the polo doesnt come back to work. aue Soma e alofa mai.
oh, he might ask me to change a million things, eh.

anyway - whats to be joyful about then?
-good friends
-good movies on tv
-MM having a great time at kindy with awesome ECEs
-good feed by mr tuuga on saturday
-and most beautiful blessing ever in a long long time:
Our little champ is coping very very exceptionally well with the chemo treatment - so well that the docs allowed him to come home for one night.
he has to have a dose of chemo every day for a we will continue checking in on him- but seeing him having such a fun time playing with MM brings us so much joy (and tears when hes not looking:)...yes- there is much to be grateful for and thank the Lord for his blessings!!!

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