Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dissecting Samoa Observer news ...coz I can't be effed writing up a fagogo...

Matt Anderson better up his game ...coz Caroline Bilkey's replacement is bringing "70's schheexy" back, and he's hasn't even started yet....ohhh yeah, bring it on boys!
Let the Trans Tasman clash of the diplomatic Top Models kick off....
Check out Hurley's parted hair...dayum, he would sooooo fit into the Mad Men series cast.
I wonder when Yeager's term is up, coz an Americana can really throw a spin into this ANZAC race...
Matt needs to really rethink his diplomatic strategy now that the climate has changed dramatically,.....and we aint even talkin' about global warmin', choohooo!

What else is newsworthy in the paper today?
Oh yes, SPOT THE PROBLEM IN THIS it the smile on Stui's face that says "I am posing and smiling to show my support for freedom of speech, but if i had my way, I would strangle the Chairman on my left right now"
Or is it Savea's smirk that really is saying "I'm only posing out of obligation Stui, but you know what I think of you, prick".
And Kalafi is just grateful not to be jailed for speaking his moind, lol.
Sorry, no commentary on John Woods, don't know the guy but lets just say his shirt is doing all the talking.

By Fatu Tauafiafi.
 The Pacific leaders forum in Vanuatu last week identified climate change as the greatest threat to the livelihoods, security and well-being of the Pacific.
But in the corridors of power, Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegoai told Samoa Observer, “We discussed rugby players’ eligibility"

Priorities whaaat???

Manuia le weekend, faitau le tusi paia ma tatalo i aso uma. 

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