Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Can't be bothered posting a lengthy entry - just counting down

14 more days before I can have sashimi, burger from seafood and a proper koogai, whoohoooo...

But before that, I still have to get approval from the Ethics Committee, finish translating my information sheet and questionnaires, fatten up my lit review section-its a bit thin at the moment,  contact 10 very busy people (AGAIN) to interview, do the washing, applying for leave, oh, and that minor detail of a bikini wax. oi aueeeeee!!!!

Manuia lou aso fanau MareeTherese Lupelei Tiatia 
She's a bit older than this but this is the best shot I have....lots of luv from us (:

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Shark Girl said...

Lovely! Call me - we need a drink. 7771993.