Monday, August 02, 2010

the calm, After the storm

I do have a reason for not blogging in the last week or so,
It's because If I chose to, the only things I'll express would be frustrations, anger and fia tago lima to the person I have chosen to be my life partner.

....stop,, hold....exhale.....repeat


start again,

think happy thoughts....

It has been a wonderful two week with my sister CJ, who spent her every waking moment, and sleeping ones too, taking care of and being a best friend to MM. It was great having her home, I didn't have to Scott -Dixon across town to collect her from kindy, or drag MM out of bed to dress her while she slept, or force feed her cereal against her will.....I was able to wake up, even have time to put on lippy! and at times, straighten my afromania.

Aside from that, MM got sick end of last week and we ended up at Starship, but she is fine now.
Just have to see a specialist here in the Waikachang. CJ left a day later, so it was a double shock for MM not having someone pay attention to her, as only an aunty would truly do.
Because some mothers have waay too much happening to stop, squat and hop like a french frog.
Or lie on the floor and play barbies or read the same book six times,
Only her aunty had the patience to do that. ): We miss her ):

We then got to see our wee champ at Ronald Macdonald house.
He has lost so much weight, he is  now wheelchair-bound, not that it showed on his bright excitement and talkativeness. He managed to get on the floor and play puzzles with MM like before, and say silly things like
"Youre a silly gannet!"
And MM responding with "NO! I'm a Lady Gaga, youre a silly billy".
Then she asks questions that only children ask, like
"Where did you get your chairwheel? can I have a ride?"
And he said things like "I am the man of the house when dad goes to work, give me some bacon!" 
Then, like wee brats, they stopped playing and demanding to watch cartoons.
And the cuteness ended while both threw tantrums and whined about how sucky we were as parents.
Ahhh, to smother a child.....

Our Japanese homestay student is awesome. We are lucky to have her. Coz trust me, there's some interesting ones out there. She's friendly, happy to communicate in Englandish, loves the food, loves the outdoors, loves being in NZ and loves entertaining MM in the evenings. What a win-win situation. Touch wood.

In terms of the workplace, It has been a rather sombre time my colleagues and I. The restructuring has been planned for a year, and we waited for a year with so little information. And then, in a matter of 2 weeks, our fate was told to us in a 3 worded email.
And we felt like the falalilii has been yanked off our soles.
We lost a Director - who has been the best ever leader I have worked under. She chose to move into her area of choice, leaving us without an inspirational captain at the helm.
Then 2 days later, 3 more opt to leave, and yesterday, another. So from a very tight fab team 2 weeks ago, we are surely and sadly falling apart.
But according to the HR "gurus" who are playing chess with our careers, the remaining of us will be merged into the new structure to ensure cohesion and *gag* gag* puke* excellent delivery *puke*puke*gag*  of service. So we are no longer a stand alone entity, we will be merged...gosh, I feel like dough being squeezed into something when they talk of this farken merging.
But in the spirit of blind optimism and seeing the bigger picture *tongue dripping with sarcasm*, I am taking these changes in my stride and playing Yessir to bosses who have come out of the woodwork.
....Oh for the fickleness of an anal retentive corporate "Dear" Leader who wants to make their presence felt....
 Now lets watch the dominos fall....................

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