Wednesday, August 11, 2010

27 Days till Samoa....not that i'm pedantically counting or anything heh

we even get to spend Some of that time pretending we are tourists and checking into the newly rebuilt and preediful Tanoa Tusitala.....Can't wait, can't wait!!!

aside from that, things are kinda up in the air on the homefront -
Frenchy may or may not be forced to move to the Supershitty for work, which may or may not mean MM and I moving too, and renting out or selling our house......hoping not to though....I have come to be attached to that place.
my contra has been extended to Nov.
My thesis is also DUE in Nov.
And frankly, those two things together mean only one thing:
I will have a pathetic existence between now and then, no boozey weekends, days off, days to be lazy and do nothing...but, we'll see, chances are, I'll procrastinate until October and then shit my pants and be awake for 3 weeks writing up and drinking bad coffee.
looking on the bright side,
We will make it through, and when I look back, I will be glad we made it through...ya know, when I'll be running the United Nations and saving the starving children of Africa and protecting the humpback whales...I'll be smiling......ENSHALLAH!
...but in the meantime, I have a toilet to clean.

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