Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The latest spring collection...

                                                                   Jailbird Couture....lol

somebody please do humanity a favour and lock this kolila away.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

flu, seeking inspiration

Got the flu.
so not very inspired at the moment,.
But, 8 more days till home...and still waiting for the ethics approval - the prof assigned to my case is on LEAVE and the dept didnt even check that my proposal with his recommendations has been sitting in his pigeonhole gathering dust while i'm disqueitly panicking.
so, im resigning myself to the fact i may still not have approval by end of the week- if the polo doesnt come back to work. aue Soma e alofa mai.
oh, he might ask me to change a million things, eh.

anyway - whats to be joyful about then?
-good friends
-good movies on tv
-MM having a great time at kindy with awesome ECEs
-good feed by mr tuuga on saturday
-and most beautiful blessing ever in a long long time:
Our little champ is coping very very exceptionally well with the chemo treatment - so well that the docs allowed him to come home for one night.
he has to have a dose of chemo every day for a while....so we will continue checking in on him- but seeing him having such a fun time playing with MM brings us so much joy (and tears when hes not looking:)...yes- there is much to be grateful for and thank the Lord for his blessings!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Introducing the winner of Miss Samoa 2010

and no, the pageant hasn't happened yet, just me looking into the crystal polo.
There ya go, winner right here, Joe Keil finally got it right this time, after years of almosts coulda shoulda.
And what a lovely way to end his political career, picking a winner, Jackpot!
Just get your answer right and then collect your cash prize... woohooo!

Oh, and if youre in Samoa during Teuila - take your credit card (or your husband/side kick/screwbuddy with a credit card)  to this lovely event and score some pweety dresses. ...or start looking for a sponsor now.

Gosh, I should get some commission for my services, lol.

and ten years later, the link is working
Miss Samoa 2010

Oi, and good luck to Sallie too, shes the Aussie rep, her familia are from Auala and H-town. I have to give her a few votes too because her mother will strangle me if I don't.

we got back the midget's kindy photos this morning.

She wished to thank her sponsors, 2 Dollar Shop for the blue beads,
Aunty CJ for the bracelet and skirt
Aunty Fleur for the Mickey Mouse top
And her Mama for her smile. choohoo, pugi, aua le faiai o'u kala. hah
Btw, how can you convert a PDF file to an image without mucking up the quality? if you have the winning answer, please let me know!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

for those who asked about tuigas

sorry I deleted your comments with your emails by mistake,
I will resume making tuigas from November, but if you have a really urgent urgent request, do send an email to sjodiet@yahoo.com and will try me best before then.
Thank you for the pension.

we love our neighbours

3 weeks ago, a random drunk man knocked on our door
looking for his chicken.
say whaa?
his chicken got away while he was putting it in the newly purchased cage.
So I told him i'll look out for his chicken and let him know.
Maeva went outside and came runnning and yellling "theres a chicken in the garden!!!!"
so her and I cornered the chicken and then stoood there like idiots not knowing how to catch the chicken.
(just as a side note, my history of catching chickens involve rocks and a succulent kugu vili vili, so you can sympathise with my dilemna).
Luckily, Frenchy arrived home, grabbed a lavalava and chucked it over the chicken.
We then walked down to our neighbour, and because he was not there, we went to the back of their house and stuck the chicken in the wee cage.
Then the drunk man arrived, and we went to him and said "we found your chicken"
He looked at us completely confused.
Still drunk.
Luckily, the wife come running out to say hello and introduce themselves ~ vice versa.
Anyhow, 10 minutes later of coconut wireless Q & A, i got the loogistics on them, all from a small village outside Suva.
Their son's at uni, mom works as a daycare assistant, dad works when hes not drinking lol..
and then I remembered "oh by the way, I love Fijian curry!!!" (:
At which point they immediately invited us to come in and have some butter chicken, but we declined politely(only becuase we had a homestay Japanese student named Momo:) at home waiting for us).
Anyhow, a week later, I was at home frying unevenful sausages for dinner because our chef Frenchy was in Auckland...when someone knocked on the door.
The drunk dad shows up again, with a massive pot of yummy chicken curry.
which i ate for dinner and lunch for 3 days straight....I was in Suva heaven!
MM and I returned the pot and some fruits and choc- and the mother runs out and gives us a bag of frozen chicken.
I was like OMG,..no way...but she refused to take it back.
I kept insising we dont want it, and even said "You make better use of the chicken than me...(ie why don't you cook us another chicken curry using those pieces?).
Anyhow, we found ourselves, walking home, with a bag of chicken from our Fijian neighbours.
Momo looked at me, looked at Maeva, the frozen chicken pieces between us and shook her head...confused.
Maeva grabbed the bag from me and said helpfully to Momo
"This is the chicken we caught in the garden Momo!"

ah, my 3 year old suprises me every day, and sometimes, the suprises make me ata leo tele.

I now declare that have the best neighbours in the world (aside from the drunk unemployed tangata whenua on our right and the unfriendly Chinese geriatrics next to them)....the rest are 'o' for awesomeness!!!

Can't be bothered posting a lengthy entry - just counting down

14 more days before I can have sashimi, burger from seafood and a proper koogai, whoohoooo...

But before that, I still have to get approval from the Ethics Committee, finish translating my information sheet and questionnaires, fatten up my lit review section-its a bit thin at the moment,  contact 10 very busy people (AGAIN) to interview, do the washing, applying for leave, oh, and that minor detail of a bikini wax. oi aueeeeee!!!!

Manuia lou aso fanau MareeTherese Lupelei Tiatia 
She's a bit older than this but this is the best shot I have....lots of luv from us (:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mismatched marriage of convenience

If I was the International Red Cross, I would NOT give a penny to the hastily arranged marriage of convenience between the old Board of Samoa Red Cross and the GA elected Committee or whatever they're been cornered into calling themselves.
The International Red Cross should demand transparency and demand an inquiry into the allegations before giving a penny over to this shoddy ill-fated arrangement.
I know those who need the help most will continue the long long wait for assistance, but think of the long term damage done if these millions are released into a Board of questionable characters.
.......eh, just another day of apolitical work in political Samoa, sweep the kaepua'as under the mat.

Since the 7 Fundamental Principles have also been flushed unceremoniously, lets remind the International Federation what Samoa's Red Cross have translated it to be in the meantime...

1. Humanity: born of a desire to bring assistance without discrimination: Oops, we've modified that slightly for Samoa when a person with diability is beaten senseless at Red Cross where he sought refuge. Oi and, exercise force and instill fear upon those who demand transparency.

2. Impartiality: It makes no discrimination to political opinions: Scratch that thought mate, lets boost our standing by bussing in voters to make me succeed. Also, its not about conflict of interest, its called rewarding ourselves handsomely for our selfless commitment tot he cause.

3.  Neutrality: In order to continue to enjoy the confidence of all, the Movement may not take sides in hostilities or engage at any time in controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature. OOPS, too late on that one, this is a hostile organisation and if you dare question my credibility, I will attack you on a personal level.

4. Independence: Aw, c'mon Red IFrederation, how about affiliated businesses that should benefit from Red Cross, c'mon - give us a chance! ...we do things diferently here, we like to connect the dots and give credit$ where its due.

5. Voluntary service: What volunteers? oh, argh - Those volunteers - don't feed them! 

6. Unity: What a joke.

7. Universality: sorry, we've tailored the principles of Red Cross to suit our Samowah style, 'a la kuluk kuluk'...so hand us the moolah and we'll make sure the tsunami victims get sometime out of it...ya know, maybe a can of elegi or a bag of sugar when we pass by to do our sixth needs assessment of the month.
Samoa Red Cross, our motto is "you donate, we get paid so keep that cash flowin' mate(:" 
DISCLAIMER: This blog is NOT affliated with a certain person in the media, nor the parent of the above persona....so please, do not surround their houses with the aumaga and shotguns or threaten THEM with the misconception that they are me. No, in fact they disagree totally with my stance. But if you wish to surround their houses, please email me first and I will give you their locations so you can plan ahead. no point surrounding an empty house. lol. 
Goddess of the Humanitarian Galaxies.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Celebration Time

Teuila programme is finally up!

If youre in Samowah on 3rd September, go to this for a really hilarious night....enterchoy (:

Cakes for dummies (like yours truly :)

Miss NYC, here's the 5 minute beauty....sorry, i removed it a while back...but here it is:...but for really yummy choc muffins, ask kuaback....or please visit your nearest bakery.
fank you much.here's the 5 minute choc cake recipe - we tried it this morning and it was...yummy!!!!


4 tablespoons self raising flour
4 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons cocoa

1 egg
3 tablespoons milk

3 tablespoons oil

3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional) A small splash of vanilla essence

1 large coffee mug
Add dry ingredients to your largest mug and mix well. Add the egg and mix thoroughly. Pour in the milk and oil and mix well. Add the chocolate chips (if using), vanilla essence, then mix again.
Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts (high).
The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed!
Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired.
EAT! (this can serve 2 if you want to feel slightly more virtuous).
And why is this the most dangerous cake recipe in the world?
Because now you are only 5 minutes away from chocolate cake at any time of the day or night!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Example of "Irony"

"My relationship with Moelagi is really good"

Right-o, ...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dissecting Samoa Observer news ...coz I can't be effed writing up a fagogo...

Matt Anderson better up his game ...coz Caroline Bilkey's replacement is bringing "70's schheexy" back, and he's hasn't even started yet....ohhh yeah, bring it on boys!
Let the Trans Tasman clash of the diplomatic Top Models kick off....
Check out Hurley's parted hair...dayum, he would sooooo fit into the Mad Men series cast.
I wonder when Yeager's term is up, coz an Americana can really throw a spin into this ANZAC race...
Matt needs to really rethink his diplomatic strategy now that the climate has changed dramatically,.....and we aint even talkin' about global warmin', choohooo!

What else is newsworthy in the paper today?
Oh yes, SPOT THE PROBLEM IN THIS PICTURE...is it the smile on Stui's face that says "I am posing and smiling to show my support for freedom of speech, but if i had my way, I would strangle the Chairman on my left right now"
Or is it Savea's smirk that really is saying "I'm only posing out of obligation Stui, but you know what I think of you, prick".
And Kalafi is just grateful not to be jailed for speaking his moind, lol.
Sorry, no commentary on John Woods, don't know the guy but lets just say his shirt is doing all the talking.

By Fatu Tauafiafi.
 The Pacific leaders forum in Vanuatu last week identified climate change as the greatest threat to the livelihoods, security and well-being of the Pacific.
But in the corridors of power, Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegoai told Samoa Observer, “We discussed rugby players’ eligibility"

Priorities whaaat???

Manuia le weekend, faitau le tusi paia ma tatalo i aso uma. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

27 Days till Samoa....not that i'm pedantically counting or anything heh

we even get to spend Some of that time pretending we are tourists and checking into the newly rebuilt and preediful Tanoa Tusitala.....Can't wait, can't wait!!!

aside from that, things are kinda up in the air on the homefront -
Frenchy may or may not be forced to move to the Supershitty for work, which may or may not mean MM and I moving too, and renting out or selling our house......hoping not to though....I have come to be attached to that place.
my contra has been extended to Nov.
My thesis is also DUE in Nov.
And frankly, those two things together mean only one thing:
I will have a pathetic existence between now and then, no boozey weekends, days off, days to be lazy and do nothing...but, we'll see, chances are, I'll procrastinate until October and then shit my pants and be awake for 3 weeks writing up and drinking bad coffee.
looking on the bright side,
We will make it through, and when I look back, I will be glad we made it through...ya know, when I'll be running the United Nations and saving the starving children of Africa and protecting the humpback whales...I'll be smiling......ENSHALLAH!
...but in the meantime, I have a toilet to clean.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

oh Gawd, i haven't been back to lamebook in......ages!

and my giggles keep disturbing the nerds around me...haha
LAMEBOOK is hilarious!!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Full circle

okach, I have really come full circle....or is it, I have come of age?
anyway, I had the most rewarding feedback one could even ask for, and it was unexpected.
Better yet, from a mover and a shaker that can determine my existence or the sudden death to my career aspirations.
So it leads me to reassess me journey.
What has changed for me? What have I learnt?

1. I am more assertive and focussed. I was once immature and shy (true story)...and to a manager, that showed my unwillingness to step up and be responsible.

2. Confidence in my work.
I blame my genetics and my cultural upbringing to for my relunctance.  Instead of accepting compliment or incorporating criticism, I was the deflector of compliments....i mean, hello....who compliments you genuinely in your village? While someone says "Oka se iila o ou kaukaliga"...it is always followed by ..."ua kau leiloa aku ai ave o le la!". Now, I am confident. And I stand my by work. Allleeeluia!!!!haha

3. Ultimately what drives me to do better is this,
-I have a big fat mortgage that looms large every time I swipe the credit card.
-I have a 3 year old that is a lifetime investment.
-And an underpaid partner that not going to earn enough so that I can say home, do yoga and tint my lashes.
-Neverending faalavelaves that remind me that even if i move to Antarctica, the call will always reach me.

What I need to work on:
- Time management (in work, study, life: yeah right)
- Prioritising, I do this in the morning but I keep getting knocked off my schedule when things pop up.
- Being more assertive.
- Be less diplomatic, and more straight up, but still be polite. And assertive. Oka!
- Get a rich hubby in my next life.

Tip: Don't buy a house and then get knocked up within 6 months. so please ladies, get on the pill, use a diapharm, condom and train them on the withdraw early scenario. Nothing is more trying than being on one income, a newborn and a mortgage in your first year....it makes for animating Die Hard III dialogue between 2 sleep-deprived characters.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Losing Derek Freeman.

I just got a courtesy email from the library kindly reminding me of this:
Location: Central Lending Desk

Title: Social structure of a Samoan village community / Derek Freeman ; edited and introduced by Peter Hempenstall.
Author: Freeman, Derek.
Item ID: 0001009518125
Call #: GN671 .S2F76 2006
Due Date: 10/08/2010
 Please return the item(s) or have the item(s) renewed.

Dude, I don't have that! I returned it last month!!!!
I called them up adviced that I have most certainly returned ALL the books I borrowed, I do not have Derek in my pocession! Look in your records again. Get out the video and the lie detector. Call the cops. Whatever, I returned it! and for the record, I do have a very clean record of returning all items long before due date.
"Is there a possibility that your high tech machine might have failed to scan the item on its return?"

"Yes, that's a possibility, however we will search the library and get back to you"
Yeah right...like you get out a search team of 20 to sift through the shelves, under tables and every nook and cranny from the basement to level 4 of the large building.

So I'm now waiting to hear from them if they found anything. I am definitely NOT going to pay for this book.
The worse thing ever about this is that when I did sift through it, I was utterly dissapointed and realised it wasn't worth referencing. Is this Derek's way of punishing me for hating on him?

okay, better jet.....(Oka se fia kick fullback a le aunky ae sure lava e maua age ua uma ga vandalise e laga kama le kusi a le palagi ma o lo'o kaakia gei le chapter three i le lapisi la ei le garage?). surely not!


Monday, August 02, 2010

One of my literary heroes has passed away, RIP Fay Alailima

I just saw on SamoaNews that Dr Fay Alailima has passed away at the young age of 88.
This is sad, but also strange because I cannot picture her as an old lady.
I will always remember her as a lovely woman who had the time to talk "to" us young savage children, and it was so wonderful....the adults we grew up with never talked to us! They talked AT us, followed by talking with their jandals.
But Fay was different.
She used to sit us in a circle and engaged in a real conversation with us, encouraging us to use our broken english....but she didn't laugh at our mistakes, she praised us instead!
I mean, who does that in Savaii?
No one lets a bad english sentence past without a hilarous repetition and never ending taunts!
I did blog about her book My Samoan Chief before, se'i su'e le link po'o fea, and how that allowed me to view my our culture through someone elses lenses.....powerful stuff.

Eh, kalofa e i si tina......she should be recognised for her work!
Manuia lau Malaga Fay!!!

You can buy the book for $17.09 if you live in Americana

Click here to buy the book
See what else is available on Amazon by Dr Fay.

The day I taught her to swim

I want to tell you about the day I almost taught my sister to swim.
We were sitting under a gogu tree, next to the broken foundation of our family house in Gataivai.
On a hot sunny Sunday afternoon.
The toonai was had, the children were at sunday school, the adults were napping and we, young ninjas
we sitting under a pungent gogu tree, watching the waves crashing onto the lava,
and the river inviting us over.
Savali wiped the isupe from her face and exclaimed,
"I'm hot, I want a swim"
We sat some more...
And we sat for another while longer,...
 Looking at the waves
Looking at the river
Looking at our feet
Squashing rotten fruit under our chan mow jandals.
Savali removes hers and steps in a rotting gogu
"My foot is dirty, I must have a swim"
We looked and looked and looked
and slowly edged away from the gogu, silently creeping behind the laukalokalo
Towards the cool waters
I led her to the banks further from view
And we quickly removed our sunday best
and and our eveni undies
and stepped into the water
firstly on the shallow banks
then further into the deep
while Savali hung onto me, excited and scared, but more so in glee.
I stood her on the rocks and showed her the swimming moves
She's ready! "me thinks"
And tossed her into deep.
I watch her little hands, flapping up and down
And her head, bobbing the same way
With the look of excitement in her watery red eyes
I think to myself, what a good sister I am, for selfless teaching her to swim.
My thoughts were rudely interrupted by panicking adults and screaming women
All jumping to the rushing current to reclaim Savali
Who was no longer smiling.
 That was the day, I almost taught my 5 year old sister to swim.

the calm, After the storm

I do have a reason for not blogging in the last week or so,
It's because If I chose to, the only things I'll express would be frustrations, anger and fia tago lima to the person I have chosen to be my life partner.

....stop, breathe...in, hold....exhale.....repeat


start again,

think happy thoughts....

It has been a wonderful two week with my sister CJ, who spent her every waking moment, and sleeping ones too, taking care of and being a best friend to MM. It was great having her home, I didn't have to Scott -Dixon across town to collect her from kindy, or drag MM out of bed to dress her while she slept, or force feed her cereal against her will.....I was able to wake up, even have time to put on lippy! and at times, straighten my afromania.

Aside from that, MM got sick end of last week and we ended up at Starship, but she is fine now.
Just have to see a specialist here in the Waikachang. CJ left a day later, so it was a double shock for MM not having someone pay attention to her, as only an aunty would truly do.
Because some mothers have waay too much happening to stop, squat and hop like a french frog.
Or lie on the floor and play barbies or read the same book six times,
Only her aunty had the patience to do that. ): We miss her ):

We then got to see our wee champ at Ronald Macdonald house.
He has lost so much weight, he is  now wheelchair-bound, not that it showed on his bright excitement and talkativeness. He managed to get on the floor and play puzzles with MM like before, and say silly things like
"Youre a silly gannet!"
And MM responding with "NO! I'm a Lady Gaga, youre a silly billy".
Then she asks questions that only children ask, like
"Where did you get your chairwheel? can I have a ride?"
And he said things like "I am the man of the house when dad goes to work, give me some bacon!" 
Then, like wee brats, they stopped playing and demanding to watch cartoons.
And the cuteness ended while both threw tantrums and whined about how sucky we were as parents.
Ahhh, to smother a child.....

Our Japanese homestay student is awesome. We are lucky to have her. Coz trust me, there's some interesting ones out there. She's friendly, happy to communicate in Englandish, loves the food, loves the outdoors, loves being in NZ and loves entertaining MM in the evenings. What a win-win situation. Touch wood.

In terms of the workplace, It has been a rather sombre time my colleagues and I. The restructuring has been planned for a year, and we waited for a year with so little information. And then, in a matter of 2 weeks, our fate was told to us in a 3 worded email.
And we felt like the falalilii has been yanked off our soles.
We lost a Director - who has been the best ever leader I have worked under. She chose to move into her area of choice, leaving us without an inspirational captain at the helm.
Then 2 days later, 3 more opt to leave, and yesterday, another. So from a very tight fab team 2 weeks ago, we are surely and sadly falling apart.
But according to the HR "gurus" who are playing chess with our careers, the remaining of us will be merged into the new structure to ensure cohesion and *gag* gag* puke* excellent delivery *puke*puke*gag*  of service. So we are no longer a stand alone entity, we will be merged...gosh, I feel like dough being squeezed into something when they talk of this farken merging.
But in the spirit of blind optimism and seeing the bigger picture *tongue dripping with sarcasm*, I am taking these changes in my stride and playing Yessir to bosses who have come out of the woodwork.
....Oh for the fickleness of an anal retentive corporate "Dear" Leader who wants to make their presence felt....
 Now lets watch the dominos fall....................