Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What a perfect drop kick start to my day

1. MM called me the bestest mommie in the world and gave me a sloppy kisi on my forehead this morning.
2. I got to work ultra early and achieved my daily objectives before 10:58am
3. Got an A- for Sustainable Resource Issues (despite late suibmissions)
4. Saw happy pics of my nutty family on BookFacials.
5.  Someone brought yummy pumpkin soup to share
6.  Didn't need the Chanel mat lumiere this morning because I looked so perfect, wow... pugi - coz i'm a cover keol
7. I may or may not be suffering from delusional disorder (refer to # 6).
8. CJ arrives on Monday
10. I don't care that I've run out of points and skipped numero 9, coz I'm a happy camper like that.
Fank you Blogger for giving me the space to speak my mind.


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