Monday, July 12, 2010

Thinking of him

One of Maeva's dear friends, whose dad is Maeva's dad's mate, is sick.
I won't say names out of respect for their privacy, but it is a trying time.
He has been sick ever now and then as a wee boy, and at one stage, he lost much of his eyesight.
He recovered from that but then was hospitalised for a few weeks not long ago.
Throughout all these problems, he's been a happy cheerful child who loves hanging out with his friends.
And chocolate (:
A week ago, doctors at Starship Children's Hospital discovered a tumor in his brain, in an area which makes it difficult to remove entirely.
On Monday, they removed 80%, with the intention of treating the rest by chemotherapy.
We are not breathing easy yet because this guarantees nothing.
Anything could happen.
God willing, he grants him a long life of love and happiness. and chocolate (:
That's all we ask for the little ulavale man.
The rest of the year for him, his courageous parents and his beautiful newborn sister will be lived out at Starship Children's Hospital, while he undergoes treatment.
We will visit him when he recovers from the op.
This is so so hard for me to absorb as a friend, I can't begin to imagine it as a parent.
If anything, I want to make sure every moment count.
Gosh, while I whine about the frost, our friends are grateful for life.
I'm not always a committed believer until moments like this, when all I ask is please please Heavenly Father, please make him better.


Nena said...

I'm sorry to hear about that. I'll keep him and his family in my prayers. I hope he gets better.

Pinky with a Brain said...

I know exactly what that family's going through. It's HELL. You can only hope and pray for his recovery. Kalofae si mea.

kuaback said...

kalofa e, hopes and prayers for the lil hunnie