Sunday, July 11, 2010


It's bloody freezing the last few nights, and then the days have been perrrfect: sunny, sunny but cold.
I've submitted a very special and very yucky literary review towards the thesis and i feel as if a heavy load has been lifted, ever so temporarily because the supervisor will place it back on my shoulders with extra coconuts added to the avega. tamit! Why did i farken start this!!?
I am counting the days where I no longer have to read a book and then have to actually dissect the shit out of it. I just want to read a Marie Claire and stress about my nails for a

Our homestay Japanese is here and she is loverly, speaks good english and very social, loves sports, which suits us great. Maeva loves having her home, and last night, she was asking the girl for translations of "kite" "boat" "dollie"....its sooo cute watching her learn from someone else aside from me and my dreaded a, ato, e, elefane.

-We have a new camera again to replace the one that ahem....stayed behind in a taxi while I was out with VV in AKL.

-Aunty CJ coming next week. Maeva is like ...asking after her every single hour.

-ABs shamed out Springboks on Saturday at Eden Park....but lets not be excited coz ya know ABs are peaking now and peeing their panties when WRC rolls round next year.

-Made apple crumble for dessert in the weekend, its been abbout a year since the last one, and it was yummy - i added rolled oats.
I wonder if i can do the same with papayas????

okay, better jet - work work getiing in the way of my blogging, hah

alofas from niu sila.

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