Sunday, July 25, 2010

Peter Rudiak-Gould has been keeping me up the last few nights

CJ brought this for me to read and I couldn't put it down.
Its one of those books you keep stopping and then reading the lines aloud to someone just because it is bloody hilarious....and true, heh.
It's about a palagi who teaches in Ujae Atoll for a year and he retells the story in the most entertaining manner. He describes the events and things and people around him as he sees it.
I find myself agreeing with him and then resentful for his ethnocentric arrogance and then 2 pages later, pissing myself laughing because the truth is, those pacific people are just downright funny...and stubborn, choohoo!!
The similarities between Ujae and also growing up in Havaiki is telling, like wearing t-shirts that we got from our cousins in Los Angeles and the cloth sacks we were given after the cyclones....the author refers to this in Ujae. Reminds me of a conversation we had on bookfacials, where one of CJ's pisi koa friends attended a church in Savaii where a girl wears the same top that had "SLUT" on it.
CJ's favourite tshirt in year five was BBC UK TV. No wonder she's a media freak today.

The other thing i found funny was how he describes the bland food....and he had the nerve to insult SPAM!
I went eeeewww at his description of the food, offal, guts and all until I stopped and realised, ummm hello....we love having ofu pua'a...and faku moa and eeeewww, gosh, such savages!

This book is actually reminding me of another similar experience by another palagi on Tarawa...The Sex Lives of Cannibals by J. Maarten Troost. (very el cheapo on Amazon if you live in the Americas).

Anyhow, I'm almost done with the book, I have to return it to its rightful owner before she departs our frosty shores..... I leave you with this mention by Peter Rudiak Gould of what a wee child on Ujae tends to say (after watching a certain Hollywood movie):

"Drop the gun, motherfucker!"


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