Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jesse James the player

I forwarded the email from Jesse James' group (the hotel developer) about buying into his Sasina investment and the casino rights to all the coconuts here and far.
All the responses are like alarmed at the monstrocity of the project and its stark waikiki-ness and the dialogue went really well until one certain fob from Brisbane went;
"Didn't he just break up with Sandra Bullock? What a busy bastard!"

Tita, e sese le ifa lolopo lega e le pacrack mai ai.

O Jesse lea a Sandra lea ua ova le fia pala

Sorry sis, o le Jesse lea mai Sasiga, faale a'a kele oga foreigns

1 comment:

LV said...

O jesse mai sasiga, a faasamoa o kese poo keste foi. :) e ifa lolopo jesse a sandra, ae ifa lopopo keste...hahaha!