Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Honorable charges, ladies and genglemans...

I just saw the top story of Samoa Observer about Paul Perez's new contra to play footie in Toulon.
Which is fantastic for him and his family.
Its great that he has a second chance to prove himself and have a fresh start, BUT, I only sincerely hope that he has learnt his lesson and that he has truly turned away from his abusive ways that led to his deportation. That is my humble hope, that he knows violence is not the answer.

"In a videotaped interview Perez said he got angry because he believed Ms Brooks had lied to him about a second pair of shoes she had when he picked her up from work at Centre City on May 31."

Next time you naughtly buy that pair of heels with your hubby's credit card, be grateful he doesn't strangle you for it later.

Turn the page matey, turn the page.

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