Sunday, July 25, 2010

Peter Rudiak-Gould has been keeping me up the last few nights

CJ brought this for me to read and I couldn't put it down.
Its one of those books you keep stopping and then reading the lines aloud to someone just because it is bloody hilarious....and true, heh.
It's about a palagi who teaches in Ujae Atoll for a year and he retells the story in the most entertaining manner. He describes the events and things and people around him as he sees it.
I find myself agreeing with him and then resentful for his ethnocentric arrogance and then 2 pages later, pissing myself laughing because the truth is, those pacific people are just downright funny...and stubborn, choohoo!!
The similarities between Ujae and also growing up in Havaiki is telling, like wearing t-shirts that we got from our cousins in Los Angeles and the cloth sacks we were given after the cyclones....the author refers to this in Ujae. Reminds me of a conversation we had on bookfacials, where one of CJ's pisi koa friends attended a church in Savaii where a girl wears the same top that had "SLUT" on it.
CJ's favourite tshirt in year five was BBC UK TV. No wonder she's a media freak today.

The other thing i found funny was how he describes the bland food....and he had the nerve to insult SPAM!
I went eeeewww at his description of the food, offal, guts and all until I stopped and realised, ummm hello....we love having ofu pua'a...and faku moa and eeeewww, gosh, such savages!

This book is actually reminding me of another similar experience by another palagi on Tarawa...The Sex Lives of Cannibals by J. Maarten Troost. (very el cheapo on Amazon if you live in the Americas).

Anyhow, I'm almost done with the book, I have to return it to its rightful owner before she departs our frosty shores..... I leave you with this mention by Peter Rudiak Gould of what a wee child on Ujae tends to say (after watching a certain Hollywood movie):

"Drop the gun, motherfucker!"


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jesse James the player

I forwarded the email from Jesse James' group (the hotel developer) about buying into his Sasina investment and the casino rights to all the coconuts here and far.
All the responses are like alarmed at the monstrocity of the project and its stark waikiki-ness and the dialogue went really well until one certain fob from Brisbane went;
"Didn't he just break up with Sandra Bullock? What a busy bastard!"

Tita, e sese le ifa lolopo lega e le pacrack mai ai.

O Jesse lea a Sandra lea ua ova le fia pala

Sorry sis, o le Jesse lea mai Sasiga, faale a'a kele oga foreigns

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

RSE, some truths

Okay, like my usual butt in without invitation approach to life, I thought it should be clarified that the criticism of the RSE scheme by T Meaole, JOhn Ryan and co on Samoa Observer. is well-founded but a bit like being gifted a cassette tape for your birthday in 2010. It's mafu old news.
The issues they raised about the poorly informed 20 Tongans in one room was from the days of Noah and the blame is not just on the employer but rather the  NZLDOL and the agent in Tonga that idioitically misled the workers.
Don't be dishearted, much has changed for the better in Samoa.(true story!)
In Samoa (aue) we don't have independent agents as such - who gain financially from facilitating the scheme, recruiting etc. This is a good thing, because the agents are the au se'i faga in this debacle.
For the Samoan scheme alone, the NZ employers have a preference for groups rather than individuals. This means that the pre-departure  preparations are done a bit better than in the other kickstate states.
This also means, the group are in a (usually) village setting, who are well informed thru the makai involvement and the employer generally goes to the village to consult, recruit etc.
At no point does the worker gets misled into thinking that this is a holiday to the land of milk and honey.
Rather, they get told of the conditions, airfare costs, accomm, the weather conditions and freezing cold etc.

Even better, now there is a pilot programme where financial workshps are offered to the larger companies employees, to help RSEr about their money, saving, remitting etc.

There's room for imporvement, thats for sure:
-I agree with John Ryan and TMeaole about the need for contracts - but that exists at the moment, workers have to sign before hopping on PolyPu(:
-The pre departure training should be made compulsory for ALL workers, not just forward thinking villages. At the moment, indivs still slip thru and become disillusioned and some overstay, but only a VERY small insignificant percentage.
-Pre departure training should follow the Phillipine schemes - all transparent....and it should be funded by the Samoan Government, NZ DOL and employers.
- Union people shouldn't discredit the scheme for its failings but investigate all its truths because the fact is, RSE works for many- its aimed at rural Samoa where jobs are limited, and the temporary removal of the labour force does NOT have a huge impact due to short term contras.  It is a win win! And for the broken record, I am not advocating for the scheme, just laying out my humble and uninvited views.

If the Union representatives are ready to shred this scheme to pieces, cough up an alternative. Mate.  

Friday, July 16, 2010


I showed MM this carving of Tangaroa and she pointed out to me (loudly)..."Look Mummy, he's got no undies to cover his balls!"
 That's what she learnt from her kindy mates Gabby and Riley.
 why do 3 year olds do this????

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Honorable charges, ladies and genglemans...

I just saw the top story of Samoa Observer about Paul Perez's new contra to play footie in Toulon.
Which is fantastic for him and his family.
Its great that he has a second chance to prove himself and have a fresh start, BUT, I only sincerely hope that he has learnt his lesson and that he has truly turned away from his abusive ways that led to his deportation. That is my humble hope, that he knows violence is not the answer.

"In a videotaped interview Perez said he got angry because he believed Ms Brooks had lied to him about a second pair of shoes she had when he picked her up from work at Centre City on May 31."

Next time you naughtly buy that pair of heels with your hubby's credit card, be grateful he doesn't strangle you for it later.

Turn the page matey, turn the page.

What a perfect drop kick start to my day

1. MM called me the bestest mommie in the world and gave me a sloppy kisi on my forehead this morning.
2. I got to work ultra early and achieved my daily objectives before 10:58am
3. Got an A- for Sustainable Resource Issues (despite late suibmissions)
4. Saw happy pics of my nutty family on BookFacials.
5.  Someone brought yummy pumpkin soup to share
6.  Didn't need the Chanel mat lumiere this morning because I looked so perfect, wow... pugi - coz i'm a cover keol
7. I may or may not be suffering from delusional disorder (refer to # 6).
8. CJ arrives on Monday
10. I don't care that I've run out of points and skipped numero 9, coz I'm a happy camper like that.
Fank you Blogger for giving me the space to speak my mind.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Thinking of him

One of Maeva's dear friends, whose dad is Maeva's dad's mate, is sick.
I won't say names out of respect for their privacy, but it is a trying time.
He has been sick ever now and then as a wee boy, and at one stage, he lost much of his eyesight.
He recovered from that but then was hospitalised for a few weeks not long ago.
Throughout all these problems, he's been a happy cheerful child who loves hanging out with his friends.
And chocolate (:
A week ago, doctors at Starship Children's Hospital discovered a tumor in his brain, in an area which makes it difficult to remove entirely.
On Monday, they removed 80%, with the intention of treating the rest by chemotherapy.
We are not breathing easy yet because this guarantees nothing.
Anything could happen.
God willing, he grants him a long life of love and happiness. and chocolate (:
That's all we ask for the little ulavale man.
The rest of the year for him, his courageous parents and his beautiful newborn sister will be lived out at Starship Children's Hospital, while he undergoes treatment.
We will visit him when he recovers from the op.
This is so so hard for me to absorb as a friend, I can't begin to imagine it as a parent.
If anything, I want to make sure every moment count.
Gosh, while I whine about the frost, our friends are grateful for life.
I'm not always a committed believer until moments like this, when all I ask is please please Heavenly Father, please make him better.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


It's bloody freezing the last few nights, and then the days have been perrrfect: sunny, sunny but cold.
I've submitted a very special and very yucky literary review towards the thesis and i feel as if a heavy load has been lifted, ever so temporarily because the supervisor will place it back on my shoulders with extra coconuts added to the avega. tamit! Why did i farken start this!!?
I am counting the days where I no longer have to read a book and then have to actually dissect the shit out of it. I just want to read a Marie Claire and stress about my nails for a

Our homestay Japanese is here and she is loverly, speaks good english and very social, loves sports, which suits us great. Maeva loves having her home, and last night, she was asking the girl for translations of "kite" "boat" "dollie"....its sooo cute watching her learn from someone else aside from me and my dreaded a, ato, e, elefane.

-We have a new camera again to replace the one that ahem....stayed behind in a taxi while I was out with VV in AKL.

-Aunty CJ coming next week. Maeva is like ...asking after her every single hour.

-ABs shamed out Springboks on Saturday at Eden Park....but lets not be excited coz ya know ABs are peaking now and peeing their panties when WRC rolls round next year.

-Made apple crumble for dessert in the weekend, its been abbout a year since the last one, and it was yummy - i added rolled oats.
I wonder if i can do the same with papayas????

okay, better jet - work work getiing in the way of my blogging, hah

alofas from niu sila.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

If I can stop one heart from breaking

   If I can stop one heart from breaking

I shall not live in vain.

If I can ease one life the aching

Or cool one pain

Or help one fainting robin

Unto his nest again,

I shall not live in vain.
                                    Emily Dickinson 1830-1886

Its not fair ):

No one's updating their blog anymore, kao se umu.
I'm sooo not liking going to Nydia's, Fotu's, Jen's, Nola, Lani, gosh, everyone! everyone who gives me my usual dose of i have to venture further or not at all....

someone, please! update your blog!

*wot you looking at me for?*