Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Whooohoooo!!! I won the Mea Kai Cook Book !!!

Okay, this is when you know these competitions really work as modes of promotion, because I'm gonna sing the viigas and the praises of this beauty!
 This book is a MUST HAVE on your coffee table, and a MUST GIVE to the person with everything, a MUST GET to explore some new recipes...and a MUST OWN for all you nostalgic coconuts living far far away from the swaying palms and coconut cream.

The recipes are brilliant, from all over the Pacific (along with the owner of the recipe), BUT, its more than your average copy, it is well done, stunning island images of people and gorgeous food.

You can also to to the PITIC website and have a faikakala, its a good portal to island links and avenues for investment in the Pacific...but useful ones for a change, hah!
Manuia le aso.

Oka oka e se manaia o lenei vaiaso,
Malo mai le au lakapi i Skokilagi.
Fisi i kua e le Segavao apaau o le Aeto mai Pago pago
Sisi le fu'a o le Malo Tuto'atasi o Samoa
Faatauaina le gagana Samoa i lenei vaiaso
Viia le Alii~!

Link to buy the book and discounted too...(look Mex, its $20 cheaper online!)


kuaback said...

why is this book so expensive to ship to US? oka se seu....e iai se recipe for kekepuaa?
sux coz i want one..

Goddess said...

it's more than 400 pages, so its well worth it...but we in Nouvelle zealande don't pay much for shipment...heh...