Wednesday, June 16, 2010

there's a dead fly in this broth

I watched Parliament TV ....shock horror!,...but only so I could see the Labour MPs question the Min of Pac Islands about the 3.8 million being awarded to PEDA.
Suffice to say, the National Government are hiding something about the deal, because it is DODGY as!
How can they award 3.8 million to a group that is largely nonexistent and foreign to the people they supposedly support? they've got nothing to show for themselves!
After about 20 minutes of questions, it was only when the speaker sorta forced the Minister that she came up with a name, J.R. Pereira. (read more of latest about him)
What did this chararcter do to get 3.8 million of taxpayer funding?
 Man, I get so disgusted with this political bullshit, especially when it USES taxpayer money - awarding it to a bunch of smooth talkers to deliver programmes to who?????
Te Heu Heu definitely knows more than she's letting on, ....and now the latest news is that Michael Jones and Inga the Winger are somewhat involved,
which is probably true coz they were the token coconuts of the National this is their reward.
What a fall from grace for two people that I considered inspirational pacific people....not anymore! Isa! see, another example of Pacific funding going nowhere, ..and i bet you the programmes they would have allocated funding to are for skilling for 17 year old drop outs, young mums,  computer classes and low level courses....there are hardly any avenues for higher education....and i believe that is also why Pacific people dont get any further.....coz of fumfas like this.
How can you aspire to excel when all that is offered is mediocre?

Read more dirt on the issue here.

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