Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Samoa in the 70s...we've come a loooong way~!

I found a fascinating project on tourism in Samoa in 1971. We have truly come a long way from then to now...so much has changed and developed. I am really empathising for the older generation who have witnessed such HUGE changes in a matter of decades. Its is really unnerving!...theres so funny moments in this work by Malu Poufa Faalogo.

"It is also to point out that Western Samoa is a considerable distance from other countries. As a result, most tourists depend on air travel, which is far quicker than travelling by ships".

"At present, Polynesian Airlines fly to Pago, three times to Tonga, to Fiji twice a week, and once to Niue...Air Nauru has also commenced flights to Samoa"...dayum, I wish we could still island hop like back then!

I found this hilarious:

"The typical visitor to WSamoa at present is an American in his 50s...elderly respected men of 40, and therefore well behaved and interested in his surrounding is desired".

"Sites of specifically "PALAGI" interest, should not be neglected. The tourists in fact are PALAGI"

"At Piula, each car has to pay 50 sene" (to use the pools there).

"Western Samoa roads are narrow and typically one track, and especially unselaed. Therefore, experience is needed to handle a car safely on them. It is also important to know, that the roads are sociable places. They sometimes pass through middle of villages, not only are children and adults crossing them, but they also stand talking, playing and sitting on them" (nothing has changed for Savaii then, heh).

There has always been an ongoing debate about tourism and foreign influences, in particular, tourism and Sunday. In the 70s, this was of major concern to politicians and strict rules governed swimming on Sunday, shutting everything, etc,.
"Villages have taken a stand against the new fashions brought by the tourists, or made noticable by films and magazines. Nearly every night, notices may be heard over the RAdio Station 2.A.P, forbidding the wear of the mini skirts, beards and long hair within the boundaries of the villages".
If that rule was still on, most of the keols I know would overpopulate Tafaigata, choohoo! 


dona said...

Hi! I'd love so much to add the Samoa flag to my Flagcounter. Could you please visit me back for a short while?
Thanks in advance and have a good time there in wonderful Samoa!
Dona (Venice, Italy)

LV said...

The paranoia and xenophobia - among the villagers especially - also have largely disappeared. I still remember the time when palagis, mainly tourists, were commonly thought of as possible spies. I think the Peace Corps helped greatly in dispelling such myths about the strange white visitors ... ae le kaulia ai le fia pu’e aka o kamaiki i aso ga pe a vaai i kulisi ....lol