Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My destressing session

I'm almost done with my resource management essay, I can't believe I sat on my arse for 4 weeks when I could have read widely and chipped away at this piece of (:
Anyhow, its all good, I managed 895 words in this session, which I am cutting short to give my baby a cuddle, shes not well again, then hopefully schpielle out another 500 words before midnight.
I'm learning my lesson well,.....one small bite at a time, rather than being overwhelmed with a mammoth task.
So I'm emailing myself the 895 words, and subjected it: "RM Essay, youre on track, 500 more tonight and whoohooo!" ...yes, weird much?
And another lesson this week, stop farking about and get to the point.
Ive always been a queen of digression, so much so that I would look  into one issue and then get sidetracked until I've lost the plot.
story of my life.
k, home time....."Happy Independence Day Samoa!!! You look young for 48!!!!" lol.

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Fotu said...

Good luck! xo