Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I found this ):

Since the aftermath of that tragic day in Samoa, I spent endless hours online and on the phone and ..just looking for answers.
I felt like Iuta, I was in denial, even though i walked through it, I needed to see it over and over to believe it. I tortured my mind like that ):
But nothing showed the actual tsunami events as it happened, (aside from the Pago footage), and then I came across this image from some of the survivors after they ran for their lives from Seabreeze Resort, I copied the photo hurriedly but couldn't find the story again.....very sad., worse yet, I was on the flight back with them, but I didn't get their names.

It shows the wrath of the sea, and it frightens me just seeing it.
I'm afraid I dont know who owns the photo, so if you know, send me a message ):
11 June:
Thank you LV for sending my the link, with the full story and picture.
And also, an image of Seabreeze after the tsunami.
Faafetai lava!


Anonymous said...

Here's a couple of links. First is for the story about the three kiwi ladies (pictured) and the second is a post-tsunami scene of the same place - for comparative purposes...:)

The caption also mistakenly places Seabreeze's location in Lalomanu - it should be Aufaga.

...hope this helps. Manaia le blog, btw...keep it up!

Goddess said...

Thank you soooo much LV for the link to the story, I'll add that now...manuia le aso!!

LV said...'re welcome!