Sunday, June 20, 2010

Okay, pigs DO fly!

The little known All White (I.e. the New Zealand soccer football team) just drew with Italy last night.
And we are just.......baffled. Happy baffled but nevertheless numb with ....disbelief that a team of unknowns got this far!

This is how unknown All Whites is, a radio station went to the streets to see if people knew their names. NADA! Out of 20 asked, only 9 knew the captain's name.

so, very exciting times for Niu Sila, and very tired looking faces at the office because people are watching the games at 2am.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

there's a dead fly in this broth

I watched Parliament TV ....shock horror!,...but only so I could see the Labour MPs question the Min of Pac Islands about the 3.8 million being awarded to PEDA.
Suffice to say, the National Government are hiding something about the deal, because it is DODGY as!
How can they award 3.8 million to a group that is largely nonexistent and foreign to the people they supposedly support? they've got nothing to show for themselves!
After about 20 minutes of questions, it was only when the speaker sorta forced the Minister that she came up with a name, J.R. Pereira. (read more of latest about him)
What did this chararcter do to get 3.8 million of taxpayer funding?
 Man, I get so disgusted with this political bullshit, especially when it USES taxpayer money - awarding it to a bunch of smooth talkers to deliver programmes to who?????
Te Heu Heu definitely knows more than she's letting on, ....and now the latest news is that Michael Jones and Inga the Winger are somewhat involved,
which is probably true coz they were the token coconuts of the National this is their reward.
What a fall from grace for two people that I considered inspirational pacific people....not anymore! Isa! see, another example of Pacific funding going nowhere, ..and i bet you the programmes they would have allocated funding to are for skilling for 17 year old drop outs, young mums,  computer classes and low level courses....there are hardly any avenues for higher education....and i believe that is also why Pacific people dont get any further.....coz of fumfas like this.
How can you aspire to excel when all that is offered is mediocre?

Read more dirt on the issue here.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Samoa in the 70s...we've come a loooong way~!

I found a fascinating project on tourism in Samoa in 1971. We have truly come a long way from then to much has changed and developed. I am really empathising for the older generation who have witnessed such HUGE changes in a matter of decades. Its is really unnerving!...theres so funny moments in this work by Malu Poufa Faalogo.

"It is also to point out that Western Samoa is a considerable distance from other countries. As a result, most tourists depend on air travel, which is far quicker than travelling by ships".

"At present, Polynesian Airlines fly to Pago, three times to Tonga, to Fiji twice a week, and once to Niue...Air Nauru has also commenced flights to Samoa"...dayum, I wish we could still island hop like back then!

I found this hilarious:

"The typical visitor to WSamoa at present is an American in his 50s...elderly respected men of 40, and therefore well behaved and interested in his surrounding is desired".

"Sites of specifically "PALAGI" interest, should not be neglected. The tourists in fact are PALAGI"

"At Piula, each car has to pay 50 sene" (to use the pools there).

"Western Samoa roads are narrow and typically one track, and especially unselaed. Therefore, experience is needed to handle a car safely on them. It is also important to know, that the roads are sociable places. They sometimes pass through middle of villages, not only are children and adults crossing them, but they also stand talking, playing and sitting on them" (nothing has changed for Savaii then, heh).

There has always been an ongoing debate about tourism and foreign influences, in particular, tourism and Sunday. In the 70s, this was of major concern to politicians and strict rules governed swimming on Sunday, shutting everything, etc,.
"Villages have taken a stand against the new fashions brought by the tourists, or made noticable by films and magazines. Nearly every night, notices may be heard over the RAdio Station 2.A.P, forbidding the wear of the mini skirts, beards and long hair within the boundaries of the villages".
If that rule was still on, most of the keols I know would overpopulate Tafaigata, choohoo! 

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I found this ):

Since the aftermath of that tragic day in Samoa, I spent endless hours online and on the phone and ..just looking for answers.
I felt like Iuta, I was in denial, even though i walked through it, I needed to see it over and over to believe it. I tortured my mind like that ):
But nothing showed the actual tsunami events as it happened, (aside from the Pago footage), and then I came across this image from some of the survivors after they ran for their lives from Seabreeze Resort, I copied the photo hurriedly but couldn't find the story again.....very sad., worse yet, I was on the flight back with them, but I didn't get their names.

It shows the wrath of the sea, and it frightens me just seeing it.
I'm afraid I dont know who owns the photo, so if you know, send me a message ):
11 June:
Thank you LV for sending my the link, with the full story and picture.
And also, an image of Seabreeze after the tsunami.
Faafetai lava!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hmmm, oil for thought

Funny how there's a big kerfuffles about the oil spill in the Gulf, which is rocking the developed world and Obama-ville at the moment.

....well, whats the big deal?

This isn't news to the Ogoni people of Nigeria who continue to live amidst contaminated land thanks to Shell's muck ups in the 90s.

This wouldn't have been news to Ken Saro Wiwa who was executed for going againt the might of Shell.

Its no news either for the Cofans and indigenous people of Equador who have lost a portion of their population thanks to Chevron-Texaco's oil exploration and waste that has decimated wildlife, 1 million hectares of rainforest and waterways......
And when they took the giant oil company to court, the US court decided the case should he heard in Equador, where the company are more likely to pay the judge and the President a small sum to tie their hands.

In this case, I say, whats the big deal?

Indigenous people have been crying and protesting for years at these injustices, and every time, they got shafted by the government-backed lets see how this marriage fares in times of crisis (:

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My destressing session

I'm almost done with my resource management essay, I can't believe I sat on my arse for 4 weeks when I could have read widely and chipped away at this piece of (:
Anyhow, its all good, I managed 895 words in this session, which I am cutting short to give my baby a cuddle, shes not well again, then hopefully schpielle out another 500 words before midnight.
I'm learning my lesson well, small bite at a time, rather than being overwhelmed with a mammoth task.
So I'm emailing myself the 895 words, and subjected it: "RM Essay, youre on track, 500 more tonight and whoohooo!" ...yes, weird much?
And another lesson this week, stop farking about and get to the point.
Ive always been a queen of digression, so much so that I would look  into one issue and then get sidetracked until I've lost the plot.
story of my life.
k, home time....."Happy Independence Day Samoa!!! You look young for 48!!!!" lol.

Whooohoooo!!! I won the Mea Kai Cook Book !!!

Okay, this is when you know these competitions really work as modes of promotion, because I'm gonna sing the viigas and the praises of this beauty!
 This book is a MUST HAVE on your coffee table, and a MUST GIVE to the person with everything, a MUST GET to explore some new recipes...and a MUST OWN for all you nostalgic coconuts living far far away from the swaying palms and coconut cream.

The recipes are brilliant, from all over the Pacific (along with the owner of the recipe), BUT, its more than your average copy, it is well done, stunning island images of people and gorgeous food.

You can also to to the PITIC website and have a faikakala, its a good portal to island links and avenues for investment in the Pacific...but useful ones for a change, hah!
Manuia le aso.

Oka oka e se manaia o lenei vaiaso,
Malo mai le au lakapi i Skokilagi.
Fisi i kua e le Segavao apaau o le Aeto mai Pago pago
Sisi le fu'a o le Malo Tuto'atasi o Samoa
Faatauaina le gagana Samoa i lenei vaiaso
Viia le Alii~!

Link to buy the book and discounted too...(look Mex, its $20 cheaper online!)