Monday, May 10, 2010

Wow, I just got....educated!

You know how we jokingly translate the motivational alagaupu "O ou mama na?" into "those are your lungs?"
Well, its not a joke, that is the real translation! (and you roll your eyes and say Duh!)
Up until 5 minutes ago, I thought saying "o ou mama na" was more so an encourgament or blessing that was NOT lungs...but rather something more ummm, different.
I went to Tupua Tamasese's speeches (for my weekly motivation) and found that it is a metaphorically signifying the function and importance or your mama:

"Take our lungs which is source and symbol of the breath of life which imparts to you and your mission of love and prayers" (His speech for Albert Wendt on winning Commonweath prize)

So, no more joking about lungs....coz it is what it is,
fa loa.


Studymum said...

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing that on your blog. Keep up the great blogging suga - 'those are your lungs' lol.. Your words are quite inspiring.

Manuia le aso!

Goddess said...

thanks but i think my words and 'inspiring' shouldnt be in the same sentence, hah...more like faamaimaukaimi !