Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Why wasn't I born a Schaffenschmaddensnich?

Gosh, every time I contemplate quittting my job,  theres always a family dead and a faamasigoga to stress about, damn it my faalavelave prone family.
hhhmmm, wonder why i only know of a relative when theyre six feet under.
and and ...why can't we be afakasi and ("part german, part chinese" fai mai ai Sida) and live in a glass house and have NO samowen faalavelaves and faaulufalega and umusaga and mogokaga and aikalafu and mafukaga and faamaliu kagaka?
Damnit tree outside my window, be fruitful and bear me some cash!
Keste ia se.
Forget the bullshet I said about my culture in last post. What I'm really meant to say is that I farken hate my expensive culture. There!


kuaback said...

Aleluia Amene..

the same reason why i refuse getting a darn matai title..coz i wanna be a faikogafiki when it comes to le galo ai I still have to help out the parentals pe'a fai le maliu o le cousin o le brother o le koalua o Polo le second cousin a la'u sto'e..

D-XiaoK said...

Ha ha ha..cho hoo.
It could be worse,
You could star in your own You Tube fight video..

ulalei said...

"My culture is my ofuae is always pu from the paladi faalavelaves" *chuckles*

nshm said...

Amene!!! lol

Goddess said...

ga, e fa'ali'i lava le goddess ma la'a le fomu i le western union le lafo le kupe faamomoli i Savaiination. Keste.