Sunday, May 09, 2010

Think outside the square you live in.

Being where I am, and dealing with a myriad (unneccesary use of the term) of diversities, I tend to be a chameleon to suit others, just so they can be at ease and spill the beans and just so I can place them in a wee mental packaging, all labelled and sorted for storage.

Sometimes, when I've had everyone placed in their packaging, some pop out and suprise the shit outta me.

The same reason I feign boredom when my Alapi neighbour leaves his workstation, walks to the corner of the dingy room, removes his sandals and bows in prayer. I play calm when I am really really fascinated,..and curious, for how does he know he's facing the east? I want to ask but, its the norm, don't be a faikakala! and hey, I have immense respect for those who are true to their faith.
It's a blessing. Packaged and Boxed nicely.

Anyhow, I digress...

This morning, I walked past the Station and two Maoli girls are in a loud heated argument, and in that case, I quickly walk on, while my ears are to the loccomotion. Yes Marie Claire, I'm a ifalalada like that but I won't stop lest they velo a rock at mine eyes, hah. I know this because I've already boxed and shipped 'em out.

Then, I ran into the nerdy Mexicano who cannot and will not shut the #*(* up.
So I stand there, smiling, nodding in fake agreement while he rambles on about a bad grade and an asshole professor named Eggleton who gave him a bad grade. Meanwhile, I'm thinking "Dude, you deserved that grade coz you won't shut up!"...but instead I agree to support his bid for better marks. Coz I'm a sucker of a Libran like that. Bloody diplomatic idiot that I am.
Once again, I have him snugly placed in his specially made mental packaging labelled , "He's talkative, he's frustrated, he's not gonna get that upgrade". Coz I just know it, I'm a Fedex packaging agent like that. Ke maua?

I walked on, Health Clinic - a young hungover man (weeeer, coz i'm a spinster? hah) walks in asking for special consideration for a test. But he's not sick. I know this, and went ahead with his packaging labeled "Mr wasted over the weekend and now looking for excuses, now run along to your test to catch your egg"

Now I'm in the library, in my 'think' space, and a middle eastern keol breezes in her flowing layers of fabric modesty and the smell of incense. I can see just her face, it is flawless and probably untouched my man. Except her father when she was a newborn babe. Bless you virtuous child.
And in walks a boy for Sauki Alapia, who pokes Virgin Magdalene on her hip, and she jumps,...oh so demurely.
She swirvels her chair around and straddles him cozily, and they start tonguing.
Some virgin I tell ya.
I definitely need to repackage that one.

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