Monday, May 24, 2010

Samoan Language Week Next week..faataua ai le gagana Samoa i Niu Sila

So, we will celebrate it by learning some of the games we used to play as wee children.
Do try these at home (: but beware of the faimamagos.
I've forgotten some of the words, so help if you know...cheers!

1. Po po magoo X2
    Falo le taliga....(then you falo your neighours ear until it bleeds:)

2. Isn’t Kiukiu meko where u have rocks and you kuikui the ground...and pass the rock around.
    Kui meko kuikui meko ole meko a sina ua.....???

3. O lea le mea e te tagi ai,
    e te tagi ai x2
    i lenei aso manaia (child in the middle sobs while the rest form a circle and walk around her singing)
   Tali le teine in the middle: Ou te tagi i lau pele moni lau pele moni lau pele moni...i lenei aso magaia.

4. Kuli kuli i, kuli kuli i  (hand game)    Asogi le magu kae i! (then you smell your finger and say "e magu kae.... povi!" haha

5. O oe isumu, ua tele lou leaga (one kid chases the other around a circle of friends)...similar to cat/mouse chase. Repeat the process
6. Kemalaki, a pagipopo.
   A pagipagi a pagipagi a pagipagi mai keko. (hand game)
    Keep playing until you run out of fingers to count then youre the winner.
7. And then the post modernist classic:
   Na na na matarina matara
   I gonna rock to the river, all day long
  Mama and a papa gonna seeng a song...choohooo!

8. Massage your elders’s back game:
  Sa ou alu i gauta e faatau mai o pe’a e fa (slow massage)
  O le pe'a a lo'u tama ma le pe'a a lou tama
  Hiaya!!....then faster kuikui of the person's back or legs

9. Aki. (Using small stones)

10. Musa (just need a rope or the wool from your mother's fine woven fala lilii. don't get caught).

11. Tolotolo uga.
Gosh, this is taking me back to the good ol’ days behind the faifeau’s house playing all day...back in the 90s as a 2 year old. ALT...pugi!

Go to Jane's Oceania for more info on Samoan traditional games.

Like the saying goes, O le fuata lava ma lona lou, so is children's games and rhymes, what my wee nieces are playing now is totally different from my era or Kilisi's era back in 1905, choohooo!

More details about the Language Week here., and a news item about the events here.
Resources relevant for teachers of the Samoan language abroad.
Sign up and be updated about the Language Week on facebook.

Maybe I should blog in Samoan for a week to celebrate, heh...

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