Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Readjusting my online relations

I've done the unthinkable...AGAIN Utu!!! ...fefe e le learn lava!
I'm on a break with my lover, FB because he was just hogging my 'think space' and my 'creative space'.
So, I am glad to announce another hiatus to add the pusa ku hiatus.
If you see me on FB, tell me to Fark off pliz!...nicely of course (:
There's waaaay tooo much happening in reality that is worth ummm, bloggin about.
I still need to wean myself off Blogger, but its hard because we're been canoodling for waaay too long.
We go way back. heh.

Anyhow, report on Mustaque's birthday, since her drunk parent lost the brand new kamela:
We chose a chunky rich mud mochacino choc cake for her daycare gig and also got her pink icing donut from NW.
Her fwens made a cake with playdoh and she had the honour of licking the 'sree' candles and placing em' on the playdoh. She then go to decorate a pink cardboard paper which eventually became her hat.
All the fwens signed her cardboard card and presented it to her.
At night, I got her to help me with the cooking (lucky child!) and what more fun that mixing mince, egg, breadcrumbs and herbs?
She also gathered them in her wee fists and made them into balls.....and then touch the floor, scratch the head and back to the mince ball....nice your germ sharing birthday keol.
After all that, we had our meat balls with pasta and sauce and too much cheese.
which is when she decided she only wants pasta.

Saturday, she goes to Lollipops with four friends or if the weather is good, to a nearby farm.

Lucky lucky child!
Maeva, you don't know how lucky you are!!!
Back in my day, we used to walk for miles, over mountains and deep into valleys to get to school....
bahahahahha...and  and, fai mai ea tofiga, there was a crocodile and a alligation!

e keste ia se, maguia le aso

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