Sunday, May 02, 2010

OMG. This made me really ata leo tele this morning!!!

"One student told police they arrived late to school. The gates were closed so they decided to purchase a bottle of vodka". (click here for your  Samoa Observer fix).

Auolaaaaaa, i like sum vodka right now.....just think about it, if we took that philosophy on board, ...if we're late to a meeting then, farket...lets buy a vodka!! chooohooooo!
Magaia faiga a le au boyses o le St Joseph's College.... faapea lava a'u ga'o le au Kolisi e aasa ai le iguga vodka i kua o le chemistry labs...(or so i heard:)

Read more about the history of Marist Brothers in Samoa and the Pacific, and of mon alma mater (: Samoa College.
You can buy a copy of the Samoa College, 50 years of service to Samoa from ecarruthers.

Have an alcohol free Monday 

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