Saturday, May 01, 2010

O le'a tolu tausaga o Maeva Moelagi taeao, vi'ia le Alii!!

Baby Moelagi and her namesake, Granma Moelagi

My MM is turning 3 tomorrow, and she's celebrating it with her buddies at her 'local'.
She's also moving up in the (her) world, from the toddlers room to kindy...and she mentions this waaay too often .
"I'm a big keol now, aye Mum...I'm going to kindy with the big kids aye mum, i'm not a baby anymore, aye Mum",...
Okach, ua makuai le koma lava le kaukala so'o o le aunky i gei vaikaimi...lea ua uma ga plan loga aso fagau ma kagaka o le'a invite, ae sui a le guest list i aso uma...oh the joys~!
Here's the pix i could find (i'm not using the laptop) from when she was a little hairy prune to now....
yep..theres hope for all those challenging looking newborns...they don't stay that way (Thank goodness for my genes chooohooo...pugi!don't be a hater!) for all the expectant mommas, dont be upset if they come out looking like a kalako.....that too shall pass (Enshallah)!

Savaii, Aug 2007

     Manuia lou aso fanau Maeva Moelagi, Alofaaga mai ou aiga uma lava (hahah, that sounds like a 2AP  announcement)

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