Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nouvelles du jour; Vampires in Wellywood

A man was allegedly bitten and had his blood drunk as he walked through Mt Victoria (Wellywood) in February.
                                                          The Dominion Post
Hah, looks like someone's been taking the Twilight phenomena way too seriously!
Now that's a good story to tell at the next piss up! or a Tui ad:
"I was walkin' down this park and two       YEAH RIGHT!
vampires appeared out of nowhere
 and sucked my blood"
Reminds me of the NZ Police ad campaign on getting better work stories, this is a funny one.

Can you tell i'm too lazy to conjure up a fagogo today? sorry mate, a bit busy but highlights of the week so far:
- MM settling in well at kindy
- Sale at Farmers, kids wear 50% off. cheap thrills!
- Sun is shining brightly, alleluia
- Lealali's completed his pe'a and we get to see them tomorrow, yay!!!!
- Despite the cold, dreary wake ups these few days, by 11am its a sunny cool day and i get to appreciate my coffee a whole lot more....ahhh, it warms up my soul and stops me from being hungry so that my stomach is not expanding...oh the simple joys~!


Anna said...


My name is Louise Nevander, and I am a Swedish student coming to Samoa together with my sister in September! I tried to find your email but I couldn´t so I´ll write here!
We´re coming to Samoa to write our Bachelor´s thesis, but also we are hoping to film a documentary. In the documentary we want to interview a young woman. We read your blog and we´re wondering if your interested in participating in the documentary?

Best wishes from Sweden!
Louise Nevander

Anna Nevander said...


My name is Louise Nevander and I´m a student from Sweden. I couldn´t find your email address through the blog so I´ll write here instead.
Together with my sister, Anna, I´m going to Samoa this September to write my Bachelors thesis. We are also hoping to film a documentary about the Fa´a Samoa. In the documentary we want to interview, among others, a young Samoan woman. We read your blog, and we´re wondering if you´ld like to participate in the documentary?
If you´re interested, please write me on this email:

Best wishes from Sweden!
Louise Nevander

reesa said...

speaking of vampires, maaveave said the oddest thing yesterday. in reference to an uncle, he said that they looked like a vampire. when asked why, "because his lips are black mummy!"

happy blogging and wish we had a farmers sale

Goddess said...

haha, ia ua lelei maaveave cullen, heh...koeikiki gei amaka ga litolito solo le kama e sue saga Bella~! wheeerrr!
Sale over now - back to murderous prices, and back to salvation army, choohoo!

Goddess said...

hi Anna, i've emailed you some contacts of people you could interview while in Samoa, all the best with the thesis..i'm in the middle of my write up and can't wait to get this madness over with.
have fun in samoa