Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nothing exciting to report today comrades so venture along haha

Its just another dreadful 'hole of the doughnut' Wednesday, according to the radio announcer this morn.

Woke up at 6:30 but killed the alarm until 7:15, cursed myself for sleeping in.
Tried to wake up MM but she was knocked out and whined that her 'legs are tired' even though she is sleeping. Kuluku le aunky.
Hopped in the car, tank on E, keste.
Drove to NW nearby to refuel and when I stepped out, my nana heels scatched my nana stockings and let a gaping tear.
Raining, windy and I had no brolly, so when I finally burst into work, I was disheveled, flustered, hungry and Unpretty....and i had my nana top on.
And by 10 I was pulling the cord from my phone.
By 12 I was hating my existence,.
By 3 I realised i missed lunch
And I still have LOADS to do.
But on the plus side, we got feijoa flavoured cake from J.
I drank 6 glasses of water so I am well hydrated.
And...................its 2 more days before the weekend, choohooo!

This is what I'd rather be doing:


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