Saturday, May 08, 2010

I love my Momma

She is hard working, caring, loving, considerate, talented and she is my Momma!!!
Today, (and every other day) I am grateful for having her in my life.
She has always been there for me,
and everyone else in the koloa'i.
I love her for inspiring me.
I admire her for showing me possibilities
I respect her for seeing past obstacles and achieving ...
Irrespective of so many challenges.
My mom encouraged me to be creative.
And to make the most out of very little
She makes me realise my potential.
I wish I could be in Savaii now to tell my momma I love her
But i guess western union will make do for now, lol..
Key moments that make her, her.

1. Prize Givings when we get a place and she choohoooing waaay too loudly and I want the floor to open up and swallow me whole, and then for the rest of the school year the students make fun of me. And my mother says "What are you so embarrased about? you should hold your head high and and say "Yes, I am from the BIGG Island of Savaii"!!! Yes, I got that 'le kea-ness' from her. Thanks Mom.

2. Taking us kids everywhere when we were little, to tours, funerals, weddings, entitlements, conferences and whatever and making us get to KNOW what was going on. I am grateful for this, because Cherelle and I learnt about sustainable development when we were 5 and 4. And about deforestation when were 8 and 7. And about global warming when we were 9 and 8.

3. Every time she came home from a trip, she had something for all of us, like (ahem) a bag that had on it: "Small islands, Big issues" or "Rio Earth Summit" or a shampoo bottle that had "Sheraton" and slippers that had "Cathay Pacific" and pens that had "Convention Geneve ..." and lots of notebooks and reading material.

4. She sews all of our dresses for White Sunday, and decorated them till they were gggglorious.

5. She encouraged us to be confident and not stage shy by pushing us to dance in front of the village of Faga for a Red Cross fundraising, or taking palagi children to the sunday school to be their translators. Even though we hardly spoke Engrand, hah!

6. She encouraged us to have an entrepreneurial spirit by making us sell siapo at Women in Business stall days while afakasi kids with chch$ing played on the swings and licked ice cream off thier fugly faces.
And she kept telling us we were so lucky to be working and being resourceful instead of being brats. (magaia le faaolega o gai menti)

7. She taught us to always respect everyone even if they're really really smelly. Like when Vao (vale mai Salelologa) came to our car and took money from her bag while my sisters LSJ and OMH were sitting there smiling at him, respectfully.
8. She married a man who was born in Kolkota (Calcutta) and as a result makes the Best curries and chutney that even our Indian family friends cry from the feuness of the curry!

9. She never raises her voice, ever. She sits in a gathering quietly while others do the talking but when she chooses to speak. It is deliberate, with meaning and conclusive. hah!

10. She's true to her traditions but open to change. She carries her laptop to every faalavelave and court case and notes all the facts then distributes all the information to the old men from Sagoge to Fagamalo and emails us all updates about the event. We are always well informed of every occurance in the village and the district. Our history is now on our emails. We are grateful for that. Its a reminder that we may be far away but we have an obligation and a home to return to. Kaisi!

-Laughs aside, she raised 7 children by herself, supported her large and sometimes ungrateful family, ran a small family business, tended a vege garden, raised cows, pigs, chickens, led protest marches against french nuclear tesing, domestic violence, for conservation, fought legal battles for family lands and traditional matai titles, presided and revived rugby in Savaii, fought corporate/govt battles on unsustainable logging in Savaii, and continues to make a living for others,...for everyone else but herself.

I love my Momma!


Studymum said...

Malo soifua! I really enjoyed reading your beautiful tribute to your mum. I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and really enjoy your style of writing and your perspective on life and so was hooked! I know you're probably thinking, "O le faikakala ua ala ai oga fiafia e faikau la'u blog" lol.. Hope you had a lovely Mothers' Day yourself and that tomorrow in Samoa, your mum will too.

Goddess said...

Thanks StudyMum!!
well, i'm being the biggest faikakala by doing this blog, so no worries, read on and pardon the le mafaufau heheh!
manuia foi le mommas day to you!

bonita said...

Your momma sounds like an amazing woman! Is your family from Faga? I'm from Taga (but my grandma's from Faga). Hence I LOVE that place! You're an amazing writer. I will be stalking your blog for pure entertainment.

Goddess said...

hi bonita,
no, we're not from faga, but have spent many a sunday with family from lalomalava, moms from soosealalafaga haha, nah, shes from fagamalo/avao orginally but moved to lalomalava when she got married