Sunday, May 16, 2010

I got a rejection letter from the postman today.

I must be maturing, because I'm no longer devastated over rejection letters.
I'm slowly developing thick skin, me thinks haha
Nah, this one was a no brainer anyway, but like most of my rejection letters, I take the time to write back and ask why, what areas I failed/improvements so that I will be better prepared blah blah...
Strangely enough, one of my greatest jobs came out of those follow ups, the boss called asking me to come in for an interview, and I got the job.
Anyhow, this wasn't a job though, it was a wee financial grant that is given to pacific students to help with their studies. I got the rejection today (16th) though the letter was penned 1st May...hmmm, took them that long to send it from Palmy to the Tron...or maybe they were worried about my savage reaction, haha
So am sticking it on the fridge and waiting if they respond to my follow up.
Fia mai foi le isi kamaloa Pakamea, "we win some and we lost some more!"
Ia, toe taumafai atili mai i lea tausaga ae o lea alu le bringcess e uli lona vaa. 

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