Wednesday, May 12, 2010

and what'dya know, Bob's yer uncle!

Isn't this such a heart-warming story?

This 17 year old boy ran away from his family, slept in a park for 3 days and a Samoan boy found him and took him home. Police searched for the boy for 2-3 weeks meanwhile the boy "Bob" is happily eating taro with the Kainano family. Anyhow, read the story yourself coz i'm not gonna continue  misinforming you mate.
What a lovely story, which was also on Campell Live last night, of a typical Samoan mother taking a kid in and making him her own.
I wonder when the seevae kosokoso comes out, hah. jokes Bob!
Nah, I'm not gonna be a ditz about this, its a beautiful story that needed to come out of Otara.

Well, actually, TWO happy stories came out of Otara this week...our boy Bob and the winner of the NZ Apprentice, who is apparently part Cook Islander (yes- claim the winner while he's on top), has a wife and a small brood of 5. He was my man from the start, I was rooting for him or that icy-bitch Kathryn, who said the best Kiwi line on national tv this year  "We're paddling up Poo-kaka creek without a paddle". Anyhow, Thomas Ben won in the end. If this was AMelika, that snake Dave would have won it hands down, coz hes all talk whereas Thomas is more honest and typical kiwi bloke, he's a man of a few words. Uma upu!

We hear only the sad, criminal, poverty and welfare dramas in the media, for once, its the Otara of love, generosity and care and success that has made the news.

Oka, we need more happy endings like this! or rather, happy beginnings like this....
POsitive energy everyone.....OOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM...
alu loa e fai sau feau aoga o le aso!

btw, here's proof Thomas is from the Pacific, watch the interview with tagata pasifika.


kuaback said...

you're right..this is a beautiful story..but lets be real..o'o loa le kaimi e faalogoka ai BOB..kei a ua koe kuli i fafo ma le maafala..better yet..koe feau uma galuega lelei sa fai mo BOB..i'm just's pretty common in the kuabacks where i hail from..ioe

Goddess said...

ga kogu a, ga'oga o ese a o le media ma le campbell live pigi faakaavalevale loa Bob i le salu lima.
keste ia oe se kuaback, i was trying to NOT think about that! lol...oh but for the nature of the beast la lea!