Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Lord, What a morning.....

What a beautiful way to start Samoan Language week, and victorious Independence Day, our sevens boys bringing home  the IRB Sevens series title....seki a!

Click here to watch the defining moment, against England, and watch Nets at 1:27, you will notice her big grin and loud flower and jumps of joy, choohooo!!

Ia, needless to say, ua faigaka lava ga fai se galuega i legei aso kalu ai le malo mai o le au i Sikokilagi.
Sa tatau lava ona ou nofo i le fale ou te moe lelei nai lo lo'u sau i le ofisa ae le'o iinei lo'u mafaufau, ALT!

Ia, lesona mo le aso:
Win = Manumalo
Happy = Fiafia
Gordon Tietjens = Toe taumafai atili mai i lea tausaga.
Kangaroo = fa'afai'ai i le pe'epe'e, ulu ma le miki.

Over and under

Monday, May 24, 2010

Samoan Language Week Next week..faataua ai le gagana Samoa i Niu Sila

So, we will celebrate it by learning some of the games we used to play as wee children.
Do try these at home (: but beware of the faimamagos.
I've forgotten some of the words, so help if you know...cheers!

1. Po po magoo X2
    Falo le taliga....(then you falo your neighours ear until it bleeds:)

2. Isn’t Kiukiu meko where u have rocks and you kuikui the ground...and pass the rock around.
    Kui meko kuikui meko ole meko a sina ua.....???

3. O lea le mea e te tagi ai,
    e te tagi ai x2
    i lenei aso manaia (child in the middle sobs while the rest form a circle and walk around her singing)
   Tali le teine in the middle: Ou te tagi i lau pele moni lau pele moni lau pele moni...i lenei aso magaia.

4. Kuli kuli i, kuli kuli i  (hand game)    Asogi le magu kae i! (then you smell your finger and say "e magu kae.... povi!" haha

5. O oe isumu, ua tele lou leaga (one kid chases the other around a circle of friends)...similar to cat/mouse chase. Repeat the process
6. Kemalaki, a pagipopo.
   A pagipagi a pagipagi a pagipagi mai keko. (hand game)
    Keep playing until you run out of fingers to count then youre the winner.
7. And then the post modernist classic:
   Na na na matarina matara
   I gonna rock to the river, all day long
  Mama and a papa gonna seeng a song...choohooo!

8. Massage your elders’s back game:
  Sa ou alu i gauta e faatau mai o pe’a e fa (slow massage)
  O le pe'a a lo'u tama ma le pe'a a lou tama
  Hiaya!!....then faster kuikui of the person's back or legs

9. Aki. (Using small stones)

10. Musa (just need a rope or the wool from your mother's fine woven fala lilii. don't get caught).

11. Tolotolo uga.
Gosh, this is taking me back to the good ol’ days behind the faifeau’s house playing all day...back in the 90s as a 2 year old. ALT...pugi!

Go to Jane's Oceania for more info on Samoan traditional games.

Like the saying goes, O le fuata lava ma lona lou, so is children's games and rhymes, what my wee nieces are playing now is totally different from my era or Kilisi's era back in 1905, choohooo!

More details about the Language Week here., and a news item about the events here.
Resources relevant for teachers of the Samoan language abroad.
Sign up and be updated about the Language Week on facebook.

Maybe I should blog in Samoan for a week to celebrate, heh...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pe'a a Lealali ma Uiegi, Sagoge.

okay, Malelega is still gonna have to tell the story of the pe'a, please!
but this is a pic from the samaga that i 'borrowed' off her FB page.
safe travels guys~!
we miss our boy Tau ):

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What would Jesus have said?

Had he known that we can now follow his journey on google?

No, i'm not preaching, so move your finger off the mouse right now heathen! heh..

We've been taught the Bible from an early age but never with reference to actual places that exist today, right?
...well anyway, I was shocked when my granma told me during the Gulf War (when I was a newborn:-) that that same region is where Jesus was spreading the word...i was like WHAAAT!

I was even more enthralled when Momma dearest visited the Greek isle of Patmos and that's where John from Faaaliga is from, and where God sent the angels with the revelations to him. Auoka!

Then, sistra lives near Salalah, in Oman where the patient leper Iopu lived his final years.

Any the bottom line is?
I appreciate these biblical stories more because there is a point of reference that I can visualise.
I needed to see to believe...coz im a Judas like that.
MM still in quarantine and banned from daycare coz she had the shits yesterday...bug going round. I took her to work instead and she was really good...and very excited about seeing her cousin today arriving from Samorah.
Today, MM and I collected the Omani delegation, fresh back from Savaii where brother in law dearest go his pe'a. Very beautiful I must say, but hey, thats not my story to tell so I'll try get Malelega to tell the story about the pe'a....the little i can say here is that it was done totally ol', really ol' school - aint my story to tell, so watch this space., but not too closely coz I havent asked Mex yet to write hah..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nouvelles du jour; Vampires in Wellywood

A man was allegedly bitten and had his blood drunk as he walked through Mt Victoria (Wellywood) in February.
                                                          The Dominion Post
Hah, looks like someone's been taking the Twilight phenomena way too seriously!
Now that's a good story to tell at the next piss up! or a Tui ad:
"I was walkin' down this park and two       YEAH RIGHT!
vampires appeared out of nowhere
 and sucked my blood"
Reminds me of the NZ Police ad campaign on getting better work stories, this is a funny one.

Can you tell i'm too lazy to conjure up a fagogo today? sorry mate, a bit busy but highlights of the week so far:
- MM settling in well at kindy
- Sale at Farmers, kids wear 50% off. cheap thrills!
- Sun is shining brightly, alleluia
- Lealali's completed his pe'a and we get to see them tomorrow, yay!!!!
- Despite the cold, dreary wake ups these few days, by 11am its a sunny cool day and i get to appreciate my coffee a whole lot more....ahhh, it warms up my soul and stops me from being hungry so that my stomach is not expanding...oh the simple joys~!

Monday, May 17, 2010

APWAKLRTN*12Aug1987: 1 AD, 4 uncontrollable CHD.

The excitement was contagious and...too loud.
Savali squealed "Auola!" and a white magic cloud appear from her mouth.
Malelega tried this too and a bigger cloud oozed.
Then Diana followed suit and exclaimed loudly;
"Auoi e paoa lou guku!"
All the excitement and the intrigue
Seeing island savage children with mouths open in delight
Exhaling cold air
Stepping on and off escalators,
smudging clean windows,
staring at palagis,
bagging airline cutlery in their Arctic Circle jackets
Tsk tsk tsk,
Just another day on the APW AKL route.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I got a rejection letter from the postman today.

I must be maturing, because I'm no longer devastated over rejection letters.
I'm slowly developing thick skin, me thinks haha
Nah, this one was a no brainer anyway, but like most of my rejection letters, I take the time to write back and ask why, what areas I failed/improvements so that I will be better prepared blah blah...
Strangely enough, one of my greatest jobs came out of those follow ups, the boss called asking me to come in for an interview, and I got the job.
Anyhow, this wasn't a job though, it was a wee financial grant that is given to pacific students to help with their studies. I got the rejection today (16th) though the letter was penned 1st May...hmmm, took them that long to send it from Palmy to the Tron...or maybe they were worried about my savage reaction, haha
So am sticking it on the fridge and waiting if they respond to my follow up.
Fia mai foi le isi kamaloa Pakamea, "we win some and we lost some more!"
Ia, toe taumafai atili mai i lea tausaga ae o lea alu le bringcess e uli lona vaa. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

wow, i won something today

I opened a bar of SNICKERS and discovered that I've won a free bar of Snickers!!!
Just take it into a local retailer anywhere in... Australia.


wrong continent mate.
ALT: Alu loa e taele (:

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pani and Pani, tooo funny!

click on link to watch the interview....
btw, love ANg's fro fro!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Maeva's Assignment on the laptop.

The midget is a pain in the neck when i'm trying to procrastinate study.
But lately, I've allowed her to sit on my lap and she gets to type away randomly on the laptop.
This has since turned out to be extremely effective way to get her to locate and recognise the letters on the 'kamputa'.
Her favourite letters for a while have been o for owl, m for maeva and s for snake/samoa, w for wine.
Tonight, I wrote the alphabet on paper and got her to type each one on the keyboard, then, she gets to copy my letters on the paper,  ya know, a la 'faikau pi'.
Much to my amazement, she was able to do both tasks beautifully and also memorise lots more letters.
She now can write two words:  "MOM" and "WOW"  (Are you asleep yet?).
I was oh-so-proud of my girl and while I was gloating about how she was gonne be sooooo the smartest kid in the world, she grabbed the Permanent Marker and wrote the letters on the laptop screen, and my gloating ended abruptly.
ANyhow, here's what she did tonight, all her typing, i just told her what to type using the paper,,...go ahead, fall asleep now.
13 May 2010

Maeva momTU





Mom wowooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

and what'dya know, Bob's yer uncle!

Isn't this such a heart-warming story?

This 17 year old boy ran away from his family, slept in a park for 3 days and a Samoan boy found him and took him home. Police searched for the boy for 2-3 weeks meanwhile the boy "Bob" is happily eating taro with the Kainano family. Anyhow, read the story yourself coz i'm not gonna continue  misinforming you mate.
What a lovely story, which was also on Campell Live last night, of a typical Samoan mother taking a kid in and making him her own.
I wonder when the seevae kosokoso comes out, hah. jokes Bob!
Nah, I'm not gonna be a ditz about this, its a beautiful story that needed to come out of Otara.

Well, actually, TWO happy stories came out of Otara this week...our boy Bob and the winner of the NZ Apprentice, who is apparently part Cook Islander (yes- claim the winner while he's on top), has a wife and a small brood of 5. He was my man from the start, I was rooting for him or that icy-bitch Kathryn, who said the best Kiwi line on national tv this year  "We're paddling up Poo-kaka creek without a paddle". Anyhow, Thomas Ben won in the end. If this was AMelika, that snake Dave would have won it hands down, coz hes all talk whereas Thomas is more honest and typical kiwi bloke, he's a man of a few words. Uma upu!

We hear only the sad, criminal, poverty and welfare dramas in the media, for once, its the Otara of love, generosity and care and success that has made the news.

Oka, we need more happy endings like this! or rather, happy beginnings like this....
POsitive energy everyone.....OOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM...
alu loa e fai sau feau aoga o le aso!

btw, here's proof Thomas is from the Pacific, watch the interview with tagata pasifika.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nothing exciting to report today comrades so venture along haha

Its just another dreadful 'hole of the doughnut' Wednesday, according to the radio announcer this morn.

Woke up at 6:30 but killed the alarm until 7:15, cursed myself for sleeping in.
Tried to wake up MM but she was knocked out and whined that her 'legs are tired' even though she is sleeping. Kuluku le aunky.
Hopped in the car, tank on E, keste.
Drove to NW nearby to refuel and when I stepped out, my nana heels scatched my nana stockings and let a gaping tear.
Raining, windy and I had no brolly, so when I finally burst into work, I was disheveled, flustered, hungry and Unpretty....and i had my nana top on.
And by 10 I was pulling the cord from my phone.
By 12 I was hating my existence,.
By 3 I realised i missed lunch
And I still have LOADS to do.
But on the plus side, we got feijoa flavoured cake from J.
I drank 6 glasses of water so I am well hydrated.
And...................its 2 more days before the weekend, choohooo!

This is what I'd rather be doing:


Monday, May 10, 2010

Wow, I just got....educated!

You know how we jokingly translate the motivational alagaupu "O ou mama na?" into "those are your lungs?"
Well, its not a joke, that is the real translation! (and you roll your eyes and say Duh!)
Up until 5 minutes ago, I thought saying "o ou mama na" was more so an encourgament or blessing that was NOT lungs...but rather something more ummm, different.
I went to Tupua Tamasese's speeches (for my weekly motivation) and found that it is a metaphorically signifying the function and importance or your mama:

"Take our lungs which is source and symbol of the breath of life which imparts to you and your mission of love and prayers" (His speech for Albert Wendt on winning Commonweath prize)

So, no more joking about lungs....coz it is what it is,
fa loa.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Think outside the square you live in.

Being where I am, and dealing with a myriad (unneccesary use of the term) of diversities, I tend to be a chameleon to suit others, just so they can be at ease and spill the beans and just so I can place them in a wee mental packaging, all labelled and sorted for storage.

Sometimes, when I've had everyone placed in their packaging, some pop out and suprise the shit outta me.

The same reason I feign boredom when my Alapi neighbour leaves his workstation, walks to the corner of the dingy room, removes his sandals and bows in prayer. I play calm when I am really really fascinated,..and curious, for how does he know he's facing the east? I want to ask but, its the norm, don't be a faikakala! and hey, I have immense respect for those who are true to their faith.
It's a blessing. Packaged and Boxed nicely.

Anyhow, I digress...

This morning, I walked past the Station and two Maoli girls are in a loud heated argument, and in that case, I quickly walk on, while my ears are to the loccomotion. Yes Marie Claire, I'm a ifalalada like that but I won't stop lest they velo a rock at mine eyes, hah. I know this because I've already boxed and shipped 'em out.

Then, I ran into the nerdy Mexicano who cannot and will not shut the #*(* up.
So I stand there, smiling, nodding in fake agreement while he rambles on about a bad grade and an asshole professor named Eggleton who gave him a bad grade. Meanwhile, I'm thinking "Dude, you deserved that grade coz you won't shut up!"...but instead I agree to support his bid for better marks. Coz I'm a sucker of a Libran like that. Bloody diplomatic idiot that I am.
Once again, I have him snugly placed in his specially made mental packaging labelled , "He's talkative, he's frustrated, he's not gonna get that upgrade". Coz I just know it, I'm a Fedex packaging agent like that. Ke maua?

I walked on, Health Clinic - a young hungover man (weeeer, coz i'm a spinster? hah) walks in asking for special consideration for a test. But he's not sick. I know this, and went ahead with his packaging labeled "Mr wasted over the weekend and now looking for excuses, now run along to your test to catch your egg"

Now I'm in the library, in my 'think' space, and a middle eastern keol breezes in her flowing layers of fabric modesty and the smell of incense. I can see just her face, it is flawless and probably untouched my man. Except her father when she was a newborn babe. Bless you virtuous child.
And in walks a boy for Sauki Alapia, who pokes Virgin Magdalene on her hip, and she jumps,...oh so demurely.
She swirvels her chair around and straddles him cozily, and they start tonguing.
Some virgin I tell ya.
I definitely need to repackage that one.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

I love my Momma

She is hard working, caring, loving, considerate, talented and she is my Momma!!!
Today, (and every other day) I am grateful for having her in my life.
She has always been there for me,
and everyone else in the koloa'i.
I love her for inspiring me.
I admire her for showing me possibilities
I respect her for seeing past obstacles and achieving ...
Irrespective of so many challenges.
My mom encouraged me to be creative.
And to make the most out of very little
She makes me realise my potential.
I wish I could be in Savaii now to tell my momma I love her
But i guess western union will make do for now, lol..
Key moments that make her, her.

1. Prize Givings when we get a place and she choohoooing waaay too loudly and I want the floor to open up and swallow me whole, and then for the rest of the school year the students make fun of me. And my mother says "What are you so embarrased about? you should hold your head high and and say "Yes, I am from the BIGG Island of Savaii"!!! Yes, I got that 'le kea-ness' from her. Thanks Mom.

2. Taking us kids everywhere when we were little, to tours, funerals, weddings, entitlements, conferences and whatever and making us get to KNOW what was going on. I am grateful for this, because Cherelle and I learnt about sustainable development when we were 5 and 4. And about deforestation when were 8 and 7. And about global warming when we were 9 and 8.

3. Every time she came home from a trip, she had something for all of us, like (ahem) a bag that had on it: "Small islands, Big issues" or "Rio Earth Summit" or a shampoo bottle that had "Sheraton" and slippers that had "Cathay Pacific" and pens that had "Convention Geneve ..." and lots of notebooks and reading material.

4. She sews all of our dresses for White Sunday, and decorated them till they were gggglorious.

5. She encouraged us to be confident and not stage shy by pushing us to dance in front of the village of Faga for a Red Cross fundraising, or taking palagi children to the sunday school to be their translators. Even though we hardly spoke Engrand, hah!

6. She encouraged us to have an entrepreneurial spirit by making us sell siapo at Women in Business stall days while afakasi kids with chch$ing played on the swings and licked ice cream off thier fugly faces.
And she kept telling us we were so lucky to be working and being resourceful instead of being brats. (magaia le faaolega o gai menti)

7. She taught us to always respect everyone even if they're really really smelly. Like when Vao (vale mai Salelologa) came to our car and took money from her bag while my sisters LSJ and OMH were sitting there smiling at him, respectfully.
8. She married a man who was born in Kolkota (Calcutta) and as a result makes the Best curries and chutney that even our Indian family friends cry from the feuness of the curry!

9. She never raises her voice, ever. She sits in a gathering quietly while others do the talking but when she chooses to speak. It is deliberate, with meaning and conclusive. hah!

10. She's true to her traditions but open to change. She carries her laptop to every faalavelave and court case and notes all the facts then distributes all the information to the old men from Sagoge to Fagamalo and emails us all updates about the event. We are always well informed of every occurance in the village and the district. Our history is now on our emails. We are grateful for that. Its a reminder that we may be far away but we have an obligation and a home to return to. Kaisi!

-Laughs aside, she raised 7 children by herself, supported her large and sometimes ungrateful family, ran a small family business, tended a vege garden, raised cows, pigs, chickens, led protest marches against french nuclear tesing, domestic violence, for conservation, fought legal battles for family lands and traditional matai titles, presided and revived rugby in Savaii, fought corporate/govt battles on unsustainable logging in Savaii, and continues to make a living for others,...for everyone else but herself.

I love my Momma!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Why wasn't I born a Schaffenschmaddensnich?

Gosh, every time I contemplate quittting my job,  theres always a family dead and a faamasigoga to stress about, damn it my faalavelave prone family.
hhhmmm, wonder why i only know of a relative when theyre six feet under.
and and ...why can't we be afakasi and ("part german, part chinese" fai mai ai Sida) and live in a glass house and have NO samowen faalavelaves and faaulufalega and umusaga and mogokaga and aikalafu and mafukaga and faamaliu kagaka?
Damnit tree outside my window, be fruitful and bear me some cash!
Keste ia se.
Forget the bullshet I said about my culture in last post. What I'm really meant to say is that I farken hate my expensive culture. There!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Museum of Samoa, stunning images of old and yesterday

I just stumbled across this flickr account by Museum of Samoa, it has gorgeous images on display of Historic Samoa, for example: reading of the Treaty of Berlin

Image by National Library of New Zealand on The Commons.

I also found a gallery entitled "MY CULTURE" by which pictured people defined what culture is to them. I love it!!! and its got a picture of brother dearest, hah.
  So, to continue with the should try this at home !
My culture is...what unites us and sets us apart.

Readjusting my online relations

I've done the unthinkable...AGAIN Utu!!! ...fefe e le learn lava!
I'm on a break with my lover, FB because he was just hogging my 'think space' and my 'creative space'.
So, I am glad to announce another hiatus to add the pusa ku hiatus.
If you see me on FB, tell me to Fark off pliz!...nicely of course (:
There's waaaay tooo much happening in reality that is worth ummm, bloggin about.
I still need to wean myself off Blogger, but its hard because we're been canoodling for waaay too long.
We go way back. heh.

Anyhow, report on Mustaque's birthday, since her drunk parent lost the brand new kamela:
We chose a chunky rich mud mochacino choc cake for her daycare gig and also got her pink icing donut from NW.
Her fwens made a cake with playdoh and she had the honour of licking the 'sree' candles and placing em' on the playdoh. She then go to decorate a pink cardboard paper which eventually became her hat.
All the fwens signed her cardboard card and presented it to her.
At night, I got her to help me with the cooking (lucky child!) and what more fun that mixing mince, egg, breadcrumbs and herbs?
She also gathered them in her wee fists and made them into balls.....and then touch the floor, scratch the head and back to the mince ball....nice your germ sharing birthday keol.
After all that, we had our meat balls with pasta and sauce and too much cheese.
which is when she decided she only wants pasta.

Saturday, she goes to Lollipops with four friends or if the weather is good, to a nearby farm.

Lucky lucky child!
Maeva, you don't know how lucky you are!!!
Back in my day, we used to walk for miles, over mountains and deep into valleys to get to school....
bahahahahha...and  and, fai mai ea tofiga, there was a crocodile and a alligation!

e keste ia se, maguia le aso

Sunday, May 02, 2010

OMG. This made me really ata leo tele this morning!!!

"One student told police they arrived late to school. The gates were closed so they decided to purchase a bottle of vodka". (click here for your  Samoa Observer fix).

Auolaaaaaa, i like sum vodka right now.....just think about it, if we took that philosophy on board, ...if we're late to a meeting then, farket...lets buy a vodka!! chooohooooo!
Magaia faiga a le au boyses o le St Joseph's College.... faapea lava a'u ga'o le au Kolisi e aasa ai le iguga vodka i kua o le chemistry labs...(or so i heard:)

Read more about the history of Marist Brothers in Samoa and the Pacific, and of mon alma mater (: Samoa College.
You can buy a copy of the Samoa College, 50 years of service to Samoa from ecarruthers.

Have an alcohol free Monday 

Saturday, May 01, 2010

O le'a tolu tausaga o Maeva Moelagi taeao, vi'ia le Alii!!

Baby Moelagi and her namesake, Granma Moelagi

My MM is turning 3 tomorrow, and she's celebrating it with her buddies at her 'local'.
She's also moving up in the (her) world, from the toddlers room to kindy...and she mentions this waaay too often .
"I'm a big keol now, aye Mum...I'm going to kindy with the big kids aye mum, i'm not a baby anymore, aye Mum",...
Okach, ua makuai le koma lava le kaukala so'o o le aunky i gei vaikaimi...lea ua uma ga plan loga aso fagau ma kagaka o le'a invite, ae sui a le guest list i aso uma...oh the joys~!
Here's the pix i could find (i'm not using the laptop) from when she was a little hairy prune to now....
yep..theres hope for all those challenging looking newborns...they don't stay that way (Thank goodness for my genes chooohooo...pugi!don't be a hater!) for all the expectant mommas, dont be upset if they come out looking like a kalako.....that too shall pass (Enshallah)!

Savaii, Aug 2007

     Manuia lou aso fanau Maeva Moelagi, Alofaaga mai ou aiga uma lava (hahah, that sounds like a 2AP  announcement)