Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Why are some men such dogs?" asks the women's counsellor

I don't understand infidelity sometimes....or rather the infidels themselves.

What baffles me is that we come from such a small small place, your deeds will always resurface to bit you in the balls.
How sad is this, a woman who has been married for 11 years to a supposely loving husband, rasing 3 children together is waking up to the reality that her husband has a wife in Tokelau?????
How the hell can he sleep at night???
Especially when the Tokelauan has a husband of her own??? and children???
Some of these people really should have their balls tied the moment they leave the house, or the country for that matter!
Now, while he's getting serviced by this tokelauan, his children are completely confused and missing him, and his family are all affected.
This is the case where I wish it was back in the 80s at Salelologa where the angry bunch of fafines will unleash their venow on homewreckers and the occasional adulterer.
Gosh, why can't everyone just stick to thier own partner and be happy, build a relationship and be merry? Whats with so many Samoan men and their willingness to share their ball sacs all over the place?
Tsk tsk....its sad sad sad that one person's poor judgement can ruin everything for others and especially loved ones., tausisi  i lau paaga e tasi faamolemole ma le pepesi o le fa'ama'i.

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D-XiaoK said...

ok ok I know this is like so ancient news.
But growing up schooling in Apia before internet porn, I knew of 2 sets of siblings with different moms but same dad.

Hello, how's that even possible to have same aged kids, same time.

But then mind you the mistress mom was totally hot. (not that's an excuse)

Pinky with a Brain said...

It's the old story, Jody: Why does a dog lick its balls? Because it can! :) My two-sene.

Hope you is well!

reesa said...

thought about this too and really think its the boredom - nothing to do on this island - OR - its the ego. some men, as sick as it is, are proud of their adulterous habits. Fia mata muamua much? And then there's the low confidence and insecurity factors. But no matter what the reasons, it's sadly becoming a common and acceptable 'thing' in our society today.

Malo le faatupu manatu!

Goddess said...

the worst thing is the fact that everyone knows theyre at it but what can you do aea!...aside for stuff that land you in tafaigata hotel....bloody adulterous people...all for a little kekega here and there, lol....