Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Life, Injury and remembering Brains, Matt Goodlet, THE MAN!

1. Go to Nydia's page and read about her (gory) account of delivering our newest addition to the family, beautiful Gianna.....and and how her amazing momma made it happen!!! read on and be in awe... I am soooooo impressed and proud of you Nyds!!! your momma instincts definitely kicked in.
Well done and ummm, next time, please go to the hospital before your contractions are 5 minutes apart!!!!
much love from us in the waikaTron.

2. While we were at the rugby cheering on varsity vs te rapa (both teams won btw), two te rapa dudes tackled one of the B's boys together and he went down, 10 minutes later, still down, game was called off, ambulance was called, we were chatting with Charlotte and Janine's momma when MM ran to watch the ambulance and i ran after her....and I went to see if he was okay (Simon).
Dude, I am traumatised.
His left leg was snapped at the thigh. Im sure someone said that was the strongest bone in your body!
I'm not kidding, his leg was just,...snapped! I wished i never looked because I was just shocked!
And to make it qworth, the pubescent ambo guy moved his snapped leg BEFORE he gave any pain relief. OUCH! If i ever have a boy, he's gonna be playin' golf. Better money, better women, no bones breaking.

Lastly and sadly,
On the same day,  the Varsity boys also remembered Brains (Matt Goodlet), for it has been a year since he's left us too soon.
Well, he would have been proud of the blokes, it was a typical varsity do; no planning, no fanfare, just beers, pot and fond stories of Brains....only thing missing was the women. and it would have then been a truly Brains affair.


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Shark Girl said...

Lol thanks Waikato crew for the love :) And believe me there is NO next time...I've had enough of this whole pregnant once a year business lol.

Love to MM & G.