Monday, April 12, 2010

me and cameras dont get along

okay, to cut a long story short (in other words im too bloody lazy to commit to a long fagogo)....the camera I was so proud of and one which i have only owned for a few weeks is ...
Gone,...leiloa, gaoia, dissapear malie on a sunday morning.

VV and I left baccio on kroad, hailed a cab driven by a Naeem from Takjistan and went around the bend to ponsonby and in the midst of singing my hebrew song to Naeem (which i thought was muslim btw) and looking for some coins in my bag, i dropped my beloved camera.
I was so so so pissed off, but i couldnt find that polo again when we came out of longroom.
Anyway, I sobered up on Sunday morning and decided to email the main taxi companies in Auckland about it. I have been receieving calls all day from the headops, but still no cameras....and shitloads of Naeems from Takjistan...why couldn't he have been a peculiar name like like...Alkhamedshareb? or Fasisooelenuu?

Okay, i need to get over this, its just a camera.
a gorgeous lil' beauty of a camera that brought me much joy and and, pugi more cameras when i drink.
to date, I have lost cameras:
1. on train in melbourne (but just a cheap one)
2. on plane from cooks to akl.
3. stolen from our house in apiach
i dont want a camera anymore.


ulalei said...

Girl... you are SO damn crazy! I love it!!!!! Next time just buy a disposable camera bahahaha

reesa said...

omg...maimau le camera. not to mention the pictures that are in it! man. ohw ell, breath in and let it go dear! hahaha

kuaback said...

hahaha..velgum to my world..
though my's broken cameras NOT stolen/lost cameras.
Somehow, something always goes wrong with my's Tai's 'faua' ua padaken ai le kamela a le palagi..

Goddess said...

I'm still on kamela probation, but if its any consolatiopn, not gonna drink and click anymore(when i get my next one), haha...i let the paparazzo do that, heheh.