Thursday, April 29, 2010

Its not everyday that I can boast that I LOVE MY CHOP!!! (Job)

I'm usually narky on a Friday and ready to inhale my Oyster Bay by 12 but today, I LOVE MY JOB!!!!

- I got 2 dresses from Davao, Phillipnes gifted which I heart soooo much! and i dont care if i get frostbite, I'm wearing my black schexy dress to the supermarket tonight, coz i dont give a care like that, pugi!  (dont say its against my contractual obligations, its rude to say no in my culture, and i dont do rude, weerrr)
- HV got me a Red Bull. Even though he's a tight arse.
- Got free breaky at the Open Day, samosa, pies, quiche - diet out the window.
- it was freezing in the morn, so i got to wear my brand new stockings that are soooooo schexy but now its sorta stopping the circulation to my toes, ouch, note to self, buy the next size up.
- all the people i dealt with today have been awesome, easy problems, no dramas, referable to someone that had a better answer, and simply...tolerable.
-i found a parking within 5 minutes even tho its busy open day and loads of hormones descending on campus.
-....but hey, who am I kidding? its only 11:24....tick tock tick tock, c'mon 5pm!

....oooooommmmmm, positive eneeergggyyyyyyyyyyyyy........OOOOOOOMMMMMMMM

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