Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm feeling a bit 'watched' right now more than usual

...And its gonna cramp my style, there's somebody reading my 'moind' from El Salvador (i mean, who does that?)....and a few too many from here and definitely too many from Apia!...p.s sorry if i said shit about your uncle/cousin/aunty/dog/cat/hairdo/bad breath, i didn't mean it, fact, it wasn't me (: it was my alter ego, weeerrr, mauad, hahah.

I'm beginning to pay the price for airing my Molesi underwear online.
I ran into a former superior from a large organisation (see, now i'm nervous, so stop reading S*****n), who I had much respect for (until today, haha!), and she taps me on the shoulder and looked at me reallly knowingly...and she giggled and said "sooooo girlfriend, which gynaecologist checked your cervix?".
Dude, too much information. (says the kettle to the kikaka).

....soooo, this is where I insert my disclaimer and say that ummmm, my views are simply mine and sorry if i stepped out of into line, pardon moi(:
If youre not happy with my views, do send me a message and I can remove stuff...but if youre wanting me to remove my narking about government, church, our family court cases(:, poor customer service and asshole relatives, sorry, no can do.
Manuia le weekend, tausisi i lau paaga e tasi, laei mama, sa le oga.


Pinky with a Brain said...

Oh the perils of being a famous Is it me or are some people with no lives just REALLY seeking you out on purpose just to see who/what you're talking about this time?? Ua oka leiloa migoi. I tell ya. Sili ai pe a cellotape gei chapsticked-lips. I guess people just need other people to talk about them for them to feel validated in their existence. Werrrh. A'a. Pei a ua kau ova fo'i.

kuaback said...

Of everything you have on here ae comment aku a le deez i lou cervix?? ahar..too funny