Thursday, April 29, 2010

Falealili on my mind

I forgot to take my anti-nostalgia pills): i looked through old photos of home, family, babies, children, places.. And came across the many Lalomanu and atu falealii here's a flashback to the past of one of my favourite places in...Upolu. (and its almost as perfect as Savaii, but not quite, toe taumafai atili).
We have thousands of images, but these are the ones that i found soooo serene and bring back memories of: bbqs on the beach, sticky sand, warm water, ice cream truck passing by, $20 tala day charge, coke bottles, vailimas, vailimas, vailimas, ulu kao, brainy fish (faiai ereng*), kalo kao and ...watching people go to church to pray and forgive our sins.



kuaback said...

Im lovin' the pictures suga..It's making me homesick too..But then I get to see it next month..YAY

Fotu said...

Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing :)

Goddess said...

thanks gyrls, and btw, can u plz update your blog fans? lelava alaku soo la'u asiga ae leai sesi i le fale. hehe