Thursday, April 08, 2010

fagaga pua'a

Got a bit bored this morning and decided to amatuerishly (note, thats a new word) restore Simon and Vaasili's photo at the pa pua'a.
Simon hardly featured in any photos. He's a boy like that.
But then again, with 4 younger sisters fighting for the limelight, I'll slip quietly away too....anyhow, heres a gorgeous pic, Vaasili was Simon's father figure i believe, and he will always leave a lasting impression for us.
He was a quiet and patient man who was humble. Unlike the other men of the family who were total opposites.
Vaasili was such a caring old man, Relle and I used to wait by the auala galue for him to come past to feed the pigs and we'll follow and ask all kinds of crazy questions and he never seemed to shoo us away like other elders, hah!

k, better do some work, ua koe foi mai le pule. hah

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