Monday, April 19, 2010

19 April 2010

This time in history, its monumental for several reasons:
-All air travel over Europe has been at a standstill for the last 6 days, and continuing.
-Great Britain sends a warship across the channel to help flightless passengers.
-Segavao came second in the AmSamoa Fautasi race that was made famous for the screw ups by the organisers rather than the race itself....(..and you roll your eyes and mutter,.. just another day in Samowen politics:),...find out more on samoanews.
-The four bank robbers have all been caught. This becomes the first ever bank robbery in the history of Samoa. It's a milestone. Our people have been robbing proudly offshore for years and now its the first time in our sunny shores, welcome to Tafaigata boys. According to our CNNSJ it was hard not to miss the large tattoo on the back of the robber  when he belted. It was his father's name. malo le eva sole.
-Apparently, Barbara Dreaver is the reason all these bad things are happening in our country, she brought in the guns, the p labs, the machetes and the actors to stage the robbery in Vaitele, the shooting at Faleatiu, the stabbbing at the market and white man's Christianity.
-V8s in the weekend, no NZer in the finals. someone won. dont know who, dont care really.
- I'm still on FB hiatus but managed to witness an angry samoan lash out at a cheating in-law for being a whore while a relative was carrying. All on FB, All for the world to see, and it relates to my previous post about some men being such dogs.....Still, I'd consult my loved ones before airing the kagamea online. I say this because the more we isolate and hate on cheaters, the more the victim runs to him in his defence. But hey, none of my pisinisi....oohh, too late.
-MM turning 3 soon, and in line with the economic downturn, she's only alllowed to take 4 friends to Lollipops or the far, shes been changing her 4 friends on a daily, and minutely basis.
-Lastly, and sadly, our MM's fishie Junior died 2 nights ago from natural causes (me thinks). But she's fine and coping, she has 3 more (:

ia, manuia le po, alu loa e pulou le ie afu ma le povi.


Pinky with a Brain said...

OMG. And I thought I was the only one who sneaks a peek every now and then at that FB Magaia ia o profiles gae open :)

Goddess said...

ioed, seu kele le auvaega lea ua amaka ga private lakou menti....hah, like me!..maybe i'm scared of prying eyes like mine!!!