Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm feeling a bit 'watched' right now more than usual

...And its gonna cramp my style, there's somebody reading my 'moind' from El Salvador (i mean, who does that?)....and a few too many from here and definitely too many from Apia!...p.s sorry if i said shit about your uncle/cousin/aunty/dog/cat/hairdo/bad breath, i didn't mean it, fact, it wasn't me (: it was my alter ego, weeerrr, mauad, hahah.

I'm beginning to pay the price for airing my Molesi underwear online.
I ran into a former superior from a large organisation (see, now i'm nervous, so stop reading S*****n), who I had much respect for (until today, haha!), and she taps me on the shoulder and looked at me reallly knowingly...and she giggled and said "sooooo girlfriend, which gynaecologist checked your cervix?".
Dude, too much information. (says the kettle to the kikaka).

....soooo, this is where I insert my disclaimer and say that ummmm, my views are simply mine and sorry if i stepped out of into line, pardon moi(:
If youre not happy with my views, do send me a message and I can remove stuff...but if youre wanting me to remove my narking about government, church, our family court cases(:, poor customer service and asshole relatives, sorry, no can do.
Manuia le weekend, tausisi i lau paaga e tasi, laei mama, sa le oga.

Its not everyday that I can boast that I LOVE MY CHOP!!! (Job)

I'm usually narky on a Friday and ready to inhale my Oyster Bay by 12 but today, I LOVE MY JOB!!!!

- I got 2 dresses from Davao, Phillipnes gifted which I heart soooo much! and i dont care if i get frostbite, I'm wearing my black schexy dress to the supermarket tonight, coz i dont give a care like that, pugi!  (dont say its against my contractual obligations, its rude to say no in my culture, and i dont do rude, weerrr)
- HV got me a Red Bull. Even though he's a tight arse.
- Got free breaky at the Open Day, samosa, pies, quiche - diet out the window.
- it was freezing in the morn, so i got to wear my brand new stockings that are soooooo schexy but now its sorta stopping the circulation to my toes, ouch, note to self, buy the next size up.
- all the people i dealt with today have been awesome, easy problems, no dramas, referable to someone that had a better answer, and simply...tolerable.
-i found a parking within 5 minutes even tho its busy open day and loads of hormones descending on campus.
-....but hey, who am I kidding? its only 11:24....tick tock tick tock, c'mon 5pm!

....oooooommmmmm, positive eneeergggyyyyyyyyyyyyy........OOOOOOOMMMMMMMM

Falealili on my mind

I forgot to take my anti-nostalgia pills): i looked through old photos of home, family, babies, children, places.. And came across the many Lalomanu and atu falealii here's a flashback to the past of one of my favourite places in...Upolu. (and its almost as perfect as Savaii, but not quite, toe taumafai atili).
We have thousands of images, but these are the ones that i found soooo serene and bring back memories of: bbqs on the beach, sticky sand, warm water, ice cream truck passing by, $20 tala day charge, coke bottles, vailimas, vailimas, vailimas, ulu kao, brainy fish (faiai ereng*), kalo kao and ...watching people go to church to pray and forgive our sins.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zita's our modern Nafanua...and i loike it!!!!

From my daily Samoa Observer flix, Zita tells it as it is about the fautasi debacle in the recent Am Samoa Flag Day.
Go to samoanews, the Pago version of the story is there....and then read what the woman skipper has to say.

well, not much to say, rather than ...
BOYS, YOU GOT EDUCATED BY A WOMAN IN YOUR TRADITIONAL suck it up and start learning from the master (oi sorry) the tamaitai choooohoooo!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Life, Injury and remembering Brains, Matt Goodlet, THE MAN!

1. Go to Nydia's page and read about her (gory) account of delivering our newest addition to the family, beautiful Gianna.....and and how her amazing momma made it happen!!! read on and be in awe... I am soooooo impressed and proud of you Nyds!!! your momma instincts definitely kicked in.
Well done and ummm, next time, please go to the hospital before your contractions are 5 minutes apart!!!!
much love from us in the waikaTron.

2. While we were at the rugby cheering on varsity vs te rapa (both teams won btw), two te rapa dudes tackled one of the B's boys together and he went down, 10 minutes later, still down, game was called off, ambulance was called, we were chatting with Charlotte and Janine's momma when MM ran to watch the ambulance and i ran after her....and I went to see if he was okay (Simon).
Dude, I am traumatised.
His left leg was snapped at the thigh. Im sure someone said that was the strongest bone in your body!
I'm not kidding, his leg was just,...snapped! I wished i never looked because I was just shocked!
And to make it qworth, the pubescent ambo guy moved his snapped leg BEFORE he gave any pain relief. OUCH! If i ever have a boy, he's gonna be playin' golf. Better money, better women, no bones breaking.

Lastly and sadly,
On the same day,  the Varsity boys also remembered Brains (Matt Goodlet), for it has been a year since he's left us too soon.
Well, he would have been proud of the blokes, it was a typical varsity do; no planning, no fanfare, just beers, pot and fond stories of Brains....only thing missing was the women. and it would have then been a truly Brains affair.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Last Post

Today is ANZAC Day.

We commemorate the lives those who have perished and fought for our freedom and security.

The same freedoms we take for granted.

We are grateful for their sacrifices.

We are blessed because of them

Lest we forget.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guns makes monsters of us

All this talk about guns (on Samoa Observer, cheers) takes me back to some unpleasant moments in a not so distant past.
We grew up with a gun on the wall, hanging by the bible shelf. Next to the bullets.
My uncle Satu'u used to go flying fox (pe'a vao) shooting with his friends. While my mother was pleading with the international community about saving these endemic endangered species.
hmmm, Oh the irony of it all.
Our neighbours use to send their kids over to borrow our gun to shoot the pig for the Sunday toonai. Apparently, its less traumatic than choking the animals with a steel bar.
Barbaric bastards they all were, are.
After the two cyclones, displaced hungry flying foxes flew into the village and my uncle found it convenient to shoot from the front yard rather than going high into the hills.
In retrospect, we should never have had that gun in our home. Along with the bullets.
This is why:
-Moe guku faamaga made fun of our temperamental Sinave (11 years old at the time) one afternoon.
Sinave, having watched his father shoot pe'a, grabbed the gun, bullets and chased after Moe into the pig sty with a loaded gun, angry like a whitney on 'p'. He didn't get to shoot, Moe sprinted for his life. but Sinave got the beating of his life.
And the gun went back onto the shelf, next to Jesus and the bullets.

-Samu (as a young boy) was sent to borrow a gun from the neighbour in my granma's village (Paia), on his way home with his friends, he teasingly held the gun aimed at a friend. It went off. His friend is alive but has a gap in his neck to remind him everyday.

And most tragic memory as a child is seeing a man aim a gun at a brand new stereo and his partner pleads with him to stop.
He pauses. But aims at her,..and slurs "It's you or the stereo, make a choice".
And the two struggle for a while. he, punching, she, struggling to remove the weapon.
The gun went off, blasted the stereo. Woman  beaten up.
We wee children watched this unfold. in our balmy little village.
While Jesus watched from the bookshelf, next to the bullets.

We should never have guns in our homes, because if I get hold of a loaded one and that drunk abusive man walks past, I will zero in on his ugly forehead and pull the trigger.

Monday, April 19, 2010

19 April 2010

This time in history, its monumental for several reasons:
-All air travel over Europe has been at a standstill for the last 6 days, and continuing.
-Great Britain sends a warship across the channel to help flightless passengers.
-Segavao came second in the AmSamoa Fautasi race that was made famous for the screw ups by the organisers rather than the race itself....(..and you roll your eyes and mutter,.. just another day in Samowen politics:),...find out more on samoanews.
-The four bank robbers have all been caught. This becomes the first ever bank robbery in the history of Samoa. It's a milestone. Our people have been robbing proudly offshore for years and now its the first time in our sunny shores, welcome to Tafaigata boys. According to our CNNSJ it was hard not to miss the large tattoo on the back of the robber  when he belted. It was his father's name. malo le eva sole.
-Apparently, Barbara Dreaver is the reason all these bad things are happening in our country, she brought in the guns, the p labs, the machetes and the actors to stage the robbery in Vaitele, the shooting at Faleatiu, the stabbbing at the market and white man's Christianity.
-V8s in the weekend, no NZer in the finals. someone won. dont know who, dont care really.
- I'm still on FB hiatus but managed to witness an angry samoan lash out at a cheating in-law for being a whore while a relative was carrying. All on FB, All for the world to see, and it relates to my previous post about some men being such dogs.....Still, I'd consult my loved ones before airing the kagamea online. I say this because the more we isolate and hate on cheaters, the more the victim runs to him in his defence. But hey, none of my pisinisi....oohh, too late.
-MM turning 3 soon, and in line with the economic downturn, she's only alllowed to take 4 friends to Lollipops or the far, shes been changing her 4 friends on a daily, and minutely basis.
-Lastly, and sadly, our MM's fishie Junior died 2 nights ago from natural causes (me thinks). But she's fine and coping, she has 3 more (:

ia, manuia le po, alu loa e pulou le ie afu ma le povi.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Why are some men such dogs?" asks the women's counsellor

I don't understand infidelity sometimes....or rather the infidels themselves.

What baffles me is that we come from such a small small place, your deeds will always resurface to bit you in the balls.
How sad is this, a woman who has been married for 11 years to a supposely loving husband, rasing 3 children together is waking up to the reality that her husband has a wife in Tokelau?????
How the hell can he sleep at night???
Especially when the Tokelauan has a husband of her own??? and children???
Some of these people really should have their balls tied the moment they leave the house, or the country for that matter!
Now, while he's getting serviced by this tokelauan, his children are completely confused and missing him, and his family are all affected.
This is the case where I wish it was back in the 80s at Salelologa where the angry bunch of fafines will unleash their venow on homewreckers and the occasional adulterer.
Gosh, why can't everyone just stick to thier own partner and be happy, build a relationship and be merry? Whats with so many Samoan men and their willingness to share their ball sacs all over the place?
Tsk tsk....its sad sad sad that one person's poor judgement can ruin everything for others and especially loved ones., tausisi  i lau paaga e tasi faamolemole ma le pepesi o le fa'ama'i.

Learn more about affairs.

Monday, April 12, 2010

me and cameras dont get along

okay, to cut a long story short (in other words im too bloody lazy to commit to a long fagogo)....the camera I was so proud of and one which i have only owned for a few weeks is ...
Gone,...leiloa, gaoia, dissapear malie on a sunday morning.

VV and I left baccio on kroad, hailed a cab driven by a Naeem from Takjistan and went around the bend to ponsonby and in the midst of singing my hebrew song to Naeem (which i thought was muslim btw) and looking for some coins in my bag, i dropped my beloved camera.
I was so so so pissed off, but i couldnt find that polo again when we came out of longroom.
Anyway, I sobered up on Sunday morning and decided to email the main taxi companies in Auckland about it. I have been receieving calls all day from the headops, but still no cameras....and shitloads of Naeems from Takjistan...why couldn't he have been a peculiar name like like...Alkhamedshareb? or Fasisooelenuu?

Okay, i need to get over this, its just a camera.
a gorgeous lil' beauty of a camera that brought me much joy and and, pugi more cameras when i drink.
to date, I have lost cameras:
1. on train in melbourne (but just a cheap one)
2. on plane from cooks to akl.
3. stolen from our house in apiach
i dont want a camera anymore.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

mom and dad

fagaga pua'a

Got a bit bored this morning and decided to amatuerishly (note, thats a new word) restore Simon and Vaasili's photo at the pa pua'a.
Simon hardly featured in any photos. He's a boy like that.
But then again, with 4 younger sisters fighting for the limelight, I'll slip quietly away too....anyhow, heres a gorgeous pic, Vaasili was Simon's father figure i believe, and he will always leave a lasting impression for us.
He was a quiet and patient man who was humble. Unlike the other men of the family who were total opposites.
Vaasili was such a caring old man, Relle and I used to wait by the auala galue for him to come past to feed the pigs and we'll follow and ask all kinds of crazy questions and he never seemed to shoo us away like other elders, hah!

k, better do some work, ua koe foi mai le pule. hah

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Took the Matua to Suva and flew back by Panam via Pago

Mom's hockey team photo I rediscovered in the pile of pics at home.
I luv this one....when Samoa College was the best school in Samoa (: that comment is contested as I type):
Because the quality is poor when I scan it, here's the caption:
From L-R: Back Row: Tali Feagai, Moelagi Tiatia (mamasita), Niusila Matatumua, Angeline Carter.
Mid Row: Dawn Rassmussen, Sadie, Val Heywood, Lae Tunupopo, Gaufa Salesa.
Front Row: Nancy Devoe, POnty Rassmussen, Emma Williams.
Samoa College Girls Hockey Tour of Fiji 1963.
Took the Matua to Suva and flew back by Panam via Pago

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

That Easter break did a lot of good for us all

MM playing in the water at Waihi
...I've come back from camping...rejuvenated, rested, slightly burnt and grateful for the blessings in my life.

We spent three gorgeous days in the sun, the stunning bush walks and outdoors with my little camper MM.
Loved it!

So, in an effort to carry this postive energy through my working week, I'm recounting the things that matter in this world (:
- My loved ones, here and afar...i love and miss you all, i wish we were all together for the break, but you are all in my thoughts.
- I miss my momma who remains the strongest post in our fale o'o.
- My sisters who make me laugh, angry, cry, smile, drunk, and who make me,...Me.
- ...and am looking forward to seeing my gorgeous nephews this weekend, the little one is turning 1 and we gonna celebrate!!!!

manuia le vaiaso