Saturday, March 06, 2010

Weekend One, March 2010

Took the Japanese to the beach, played in the sand with MM, slept until the clouds covered the sun and I got cold. Walked to the rocky isle that gives the best views of Mount Maunganui - took photos, drove around towards Papamoa, had fish and cheeeeps next to the swings and slide, drove home, wrestled with MM trying to wash the kg of sand in her hair, cooked roast chicken and then got quietly aiu coz the Sapagi ate most of it before any of us ate.
rushed to New World to get milk, saw 2 mangoes for $3.00 from Peru. Bought 6.
Spongebob yogurt for MM.
Honey for the hungry Sapagi.
Bread for the household.
Peanut butter on sale, bought 2.
....and almost forgot the milk.

Preparing for this week:
-Scholarships due Friday, last minute rush for references.
-Complete proposal. PLEASE!!!!
-Get approval to do DEV paper online.
-Pay the shits at IRD.
-Sapagi's graduation on Wednesday
-Payday on Thursday,...Yay!
-Pasifika Festival Saturday.
- FOCUS!!!

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